How I Chose

How I Chose

There are many occasions
where I find myself being asked
how I decide decisions;
my process preceding conclusions.

I find that my responses
are somewhat irrelevant.
Logic or emotion led
and I followed.

But the unseen process, the instinctive reality
with premeditated choices
having no home, this subconscious response
I find more intriguing.

It’s not the “I love you”,
but the pause before the first time it’s uttered.
It’s not the sobbing,
but the cold air on the single tear that wasn’t noticed.

And so people ask me
how I decide decisions,
And I describe to these wonderers
my introspective considerations.

It’s both the known and the unknown,
both the logical and the instinctive
that guide all aspects of my life
and always dictate how I chose.

by Josh Glasson

title by MaryJo Kolze

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