Book Review: Veritas by Holly Lauren



VERITASKINDLETITLE: Veritas: The GenEx Saga (Book 3)

RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2015

AUTHOR: Holly Lauren

KEYWORDS: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance, Friendship, Comedy, Small Town, Coming Of Age, Mutants

CATEGORIES: Young Adult Science Fiction


IMPRINT: Howling Wolf


Everything has changed…

Six months after graduating from high school, nothing in Bennett Park is like it used to be. Zay and Chapel aren’t together. Timmy won’t speak to anyone. Erica is acting strange. Jackson is missing. The factions have been disbanded. And Todd Taylor is President of The Invisibles.

Then, when two of her former enemies combine forces, someone Chapel loves is put in grave danger once again.

On Chapel’s quest for justice, relationships are tested, allegiances are revealed, and the most shocking secret of all is exposed.

In the end, Chapel will have a choice to make – honor or love? Her decision will change the lives of those around her forever.

My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

I read the first 2 books in this series, Tempus and Expertus, so I was looking forward to reading Veritas. Once I started reading it, it was difficult to put down.

Even though it has been over a year since I read Expertus, I remembered Chapel, Zay, Erica, and Timmy very well. They’re not easy to forget! The beginning of Veritas was sad because everyone had gone their separate ways. They had been through so much together it was disappointing that they hadn’t stayed close. When a new threat shows up, though, they quickly band back together.  

There are a lot of twists and it’s difficult for Chapel to know who she can trust other than Zay. There are also some surprises, mostly good. The end is suspenseful and full of action. I definitely recommend the GenEx Saga but I would read them in order to get the most out of them.




HL1AUTHOR BIO: Holly is a small-town girl who loves Jesus, her family, and sour candy. When Holly isn’t dreaming up new plot lines for her next book, she enjoys Netflix, baths so hot they would scald a normal person, and texting.


AUTHOR LINKS:, HollyLaurenWrites (Instagram)

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