Book Review: The Fox Forest Band by Lisa E. Lindman

25088371Title: The Fox Forest Band

Author: Lisa E. Lindman

Illustrator: Chandra Wheeler


About the Book

How do you fight an evil wizard when your only weapon is your smarts? A happy group of forest animals are stopped cold by a wizard’s enchanted fog that whispers their greatest fears. The animals think they have to run away but a brave fox gives them a better idea. He shows them how to stand up for themselves and how to handle the problem at its source. Join the fox and his friends as they figure out how to defeat a bully wizard- and have fun in the process!


My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

The Fox Forest Band is a picture book for children. The text is simple and it rhymes, so it will easily keep the attention of young children. Along with the story are colorful and detailed illustrations that are impressive. The illustrations would make this a good book for reading aloud to one or several children.

Along with the cute story is a lesson, which I always like. It’s about an evil wizard’s fog that the forest animals are going to run away from until the sly fox convinces them that it would be better to stand up to the fog by making loud music because if they can’t hear it, it won’t frighten them. It’s a unique story that encourages children to stand up to bullies.

The Fox Forest Band would be a great addition to any child’s library.


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About the Author

9844662Since she was a child, Lisa has been reading non-stop and writing magical stories. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, sweet daughter and their French bulldog, Sebastian. She spends her days running a small business, writing, frolicking with her toddler and reading just one more chapter…well, five more chapters.



About the Illustrator

1426606436Chandra Wheeler created the whimsical watercolors of The Fox Forest Band. She is a children’s book illustrator, editor and author. Chandra lives in Denver happily illustrating and editing copy. The Fox Forest Band is her first book as an illustrator, but she has a series of baby board books soon to be released. When she’s not illustrating or writing, she’s most likely caring for her boys, two two-legged and one of the four-legged variety. You can visit her at

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