Book Review & Giveaway: Newspaper Boys Always Deliver by Joseph Gulesserian



A Personal Journey into Pop and Technological change in the last Fifty Years.

In Newspaper Boys Always Deliver, Gulesserian takes us on a captivating adventure by combining personal essays and historical insights for an enlightening look at how we got here, and the earlier inventions that paved the way for current cutting-edge technologies. While exploring pop-culture trends, unexpected impacts, and memorable moments in time, this collection of thought-provoking and humorous reflections paints a fascinating picture of the changes half a century can bring—and its implications for what could be just around the corner.

In just fifty years, Western culture has gone from culture to techno-culture—from the swinging sixties to rap, encyclopedia to Wikipedia, slide rule to artificial intelligence.

Newspaper Boys Always Deliver shares a personal journey of how we got here, in a Book that delivers an eclectic plethora of knowledge, controversy and humorous entertainment in a newspaper format.


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My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

Newspaper Boys Always Deliver is all about the past 50 years and the changes we have experienced along the way.  Along with the historical information are the author’s personal stories and opinions, some rather strong. I grew up in the same time period as Joseph Gulesserian, so I could relate to a lot of the changes that he writes about.

The book is set up like a newspaper with the different sections: Front Page News, People, Arts and Entertainment, News, Sports, Lifestyle, Business and Technology, and the Editorial Section. The photos are also black and white like they would be in a newspaper. I thought that was a unique and creative way to present the information.

The author’s writing style didn’t keep my interest for long periods of time. I found that I got a lot more out of Newspaper Boys Always Deliver by just reading a few pages at a time rather than trying to read it all at once. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in recent history.



About the Author

Joseph GulesserianJoseph Gulesserian came of age during the seventies, and was exposed to many changing technologies with a career that has ranged from metallurgic to manufacturing, from business equipment to information technology, and brand creation.

After earning his MBA, he taught Corporate Finance, Marketing and Statistics as an adjunct professor at Toronto colleges, and in 2000 established a Toronto-based company that designs and produces health and beauty brands for both domestic and international markets.

​Currently, Gulesserian lives in Toronto with his wife.


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