Book Review: Krim Du Shaw by Talia Haven


Krim was just a colt when the stallions of the Du Shaw herd led him and the mares to the stone building with its tall walls and heavy wooden door. The mares knew what the stallions yearned for, and they knew what would happen if the stallions gave in. But for Krim, it would be much later before he would discover for himself what lies beyond the stone wall.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this short story for an honest review.

Talia Haven has done it again. She has a talent for writing short stories that evoke such strong feelings! I reviewed Mama Cried a while back and it was powerful. 

 Krim Du Shaw is a fable about how unicorns became nonexistent. It is such a sad story! This is not a short story I would recommend for children but it is a good, short read for adults.


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