Book Review: Jericho by Alex Gordon

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Jericho_PBTitle: Jericho

Author: Alex Gordon

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Genre: Supernatural

Format: Ecopy/Paperback


For readers of Deborah Harkness, J.D. Horn, Lev Grossman, and any supernatural thriller, a young witch must risk death and damnation to defeat a powerful ancient evil in Alex Gordon’s follow-up to the masterful debut Gideon.

In unearthing her father’s secret past, Lauren Reardon discovered a shocking truth about herself. She is a Child of Endor, a sect of witches who believe they are the guardians of the “thin places”—areas across the globe where evil can seep through the divide between the worlds separating the living and the restless dead. At any time, she can be called upon to close one of these breaches and prevent demons from infiltrating our realm. When Lauren has a disturbing vision of an Oregon forest, she is drawn back to the familiar woods of the misty Pacific Northwest to investigate.

Locals had long whispered about an abandoned logging camp known as Jericho—of the strange disappearances and eerie sounds heard in the woods deep in the night. But these ghost stories only hint at the true evil lurking within the camp’s dilapidated buildings, a primeval malevolence far more terrifying than Lauren’s darkest imaginings. And now, Lauren must face this evil, even if it takes her life . . . even if it costs her soul.


My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

Lauren Reardon saved the town of Gideon seven months ago and is now the Mistress of Gideon. She knows that she has been chosen to help save other towns that are guarding our realm, so when she ends up crossing into the woods of the Pacific Northwest she knows that she has to go there.

Lauren ends up at the home of a wealthy businessman who just happens to live on the mountain that Lauren needs to go to. She knows it’s not a coincidence that she was invited but the other witches there treat her as an outsider and don’t want her there. Eventually, after several incidents, they’re not threatened by her and are happy that she’s there to help.

The characters are complex and full of surprises. Lauren is a strong woman who speaks her mind and is always willing to do what needs to be done. She still has a lot to learn about what she is capable of as far as witchcraft.

Jericho is full of twists, suspense, witchcraft, horror, and mystery. I love Alex Gordon’s writing style. Jericho stands on its own but I’d recommend reading Gideon first.


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Meet the Author

Alex Gordon resides in the Midwest. When she isn’t working, she enjoys watching sports and old movies, running, and playing with her dogs. She dreams of someday adding the Pacific Northwest to the list of regions where she has lived.



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