Book Review: Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest by S.A. Jeffers


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“Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest” takes children through a beautiful, exciting journey looking for evidence of Bigfoot. Reedsport, OR, June 14, 2016– Sara and Adam Jeffers, a husband and wife team that write under the pseudonym S.A. Jeffers, have released the first book in their highly anticipated Bigfoot Trails series.

The first book, Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest takes place in the high Cascades and salmonfilled streams of the Pacific Northwest. Each scene contains evidence of Bigfoot’s presence, from a footprint to several Bigfoots in the trees. The book is designed to help children to read while they have fun looking for evidence that Bigfoot exists. 

Beautifully illustrated by Catherine Straus of Salem, OR, each scene shows life in the woods and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. In each image, Bigfoot has left evidence of his passing, from hair to his bed. Children even catch a glimpse of the Big “Man” himself. There is so much happening on each page that it turns into more than just a search for Bigfoot; it becomes a chance to identify many of the animals, birds, and fish that live in one of America’s most beautiful regions.

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My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

This is a great book for children! Actually, I probably enjoyed it as much as a child would. The pictures are amazing. They’re bright and colorful and make it look like you’re there. There’s not much text but it rhymes and it also gives clues on where to find Bigfoot in some of the pictures. 

There is at least one Bigfoot to find in each picture, which I figured out about halfway through the book, so I had to go back and read it again to look for him. The last page also lists more things to look for and which pages they’re on. Such fun! 

I definitely recommend this book for children. I think this would make a great Christmas present (I have a niece who’s just the right age).





Creators’ Bios

15182189Sara and Adam Jeffers are the parents of three busy young men. Adam is a welder by day, Sara is a stay at home mom, and in the evenings and weekends they enjoy Pacific Northwest life. Their passion for sharing in their boys’ educational learning is the source for their Bigfoot Trails series.

Twitter: bigfoottrails

Catherine Straus is an artist in the fields of sculpture and illustration. Educated at Southern Oregon University, her background is in fine arts, graphic arts, and ceramic sculpture. She has been a regular contributor to several children’s magazines, and a gardening magazine. In 1999, Catherine was commissioned to create a life size sculpture of a Native American boy for the Three Island State Park Interpretive Center in Idaho. This piece, cast in resin, is the entry to a permanent exhibit celebrating the Oregon Trail.



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