Audio Story Review: Billy Joins the Circus

a0941857211_16Title: Billy Joins the Circus

Author: Music Audio Stories

Genre: Children’s Stories

Publication Date: August 1, 2016




Story Synopsis

Billy the monkey always wanted to join the circus and one day he heard that one was passing through his forest. He decided he would meet The Ring Master. He meets The Ring Master and Polly, the circus flying dolly. They are not sure if Billy has the talent for their circus and so they ask Billy what things he could do. Billy cheerfully sings a song about all the things he can do such as touch his toes, jump up and down, spin around and various other moves. It’s a happy, uplifting story with the underlining message that dreams can be achieved no matter what others may tell you. This story includes an original classical soundtrack, an extremely catchy song and sound effects throughout the narrative.

Story length: 4m46s | Age: 2+



If you are looking for a story that will encourage your child to sing and dance, this Music Audio Story is for you. Billy Joins The Circus is a wonderfully happy audio book with a strong message that dreams really do come true. The catchy song with instructions on movements to make such as clapping your hands, touching your toes, spinning around and jumping up and down is repeated three times enabling children to learn the song and the moves as they listen. Great fun and enjoyment for everyone.


My Review

I listened to this story online.

I have reviewed several audio stories for Music Audio Stories. They’re always cute but this one is my favorite so far. It is a story about Billy the monkey who wants to join the circus. Before he joins, they ask him (with a catchy song) if he can do different things such as touching his toes and clapping his hands. I pictured a young child listening to this and doing each movement as they sing. What fun!

I definitely recommend this story. There are others available at Music Audio Stories.