Book Review: Mummy’s Little Angel by J.W. Lawson


Mummy’s Little Angel is the first place winner of World’s Best Story!

Joanne didn’t believe that her life could become worse than it already was. She had lost everybody and everything she had loved. She was alone. Surely she had suffered enough? The press had called her identical twins psychopaths. Her Maggie. Her Annie. But she still loved them, even though one of them had killed her husband, Jeff. Joanne believed that his murder had been an accident. How could one of her girls be a murderer? She knew them better than anybody else. They were good girls really.

She just had to prove it.

The brutal murder of her god-daughter Laura had never been solved. Items were missing when Laura’s remains had been discovered: clues that could lead to the capture of her killer. One of them was Laura’s doll … the doll that Joanne later discovered in her home. Joanne is facing the most horrific dilemma of her life. Has the wrong woman been imprisoned? Could her child have used such brutality against her best friend? Or could both women be innocent after all?

She needs to find somebody for her daughter to confide in; somebody she will trust. She needs a miracle. There is only one person who can help. He is compassionate and caring, with an amazing ability to gain the trust of the most difficult patients. He is Joanne’s only hope. He is Jonathan Davies.

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My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book from iRead Book Tours for an honest review.

What a crazy family! Mummy’s Little Angel is written in diary form from three perspectives: Joanne, Maggie, and Annie. It is obvious that all three women are broken. Joanne, the mom, has had so much loss in her life and now she is dealing with the fact that one of her twins is a murderer. But is the wrong one in prison? Maggie obviously has some mental issues but how much of that is real and how much is an act? Annie claims that she is innocent and that Maggie is the psychopath. 

Poor Joanne has so much to deal with. She still loves her daughters and can’t believe that either of them killed anyone on purpose. When she receives a letter from her mother who disappeared 20 years ago, it just adds to her already out of control life. 

Mummy’s Little Angel has many twists and I was unable to put it down. I had to find out what the true story was. J.W. Lawson keeps you on the edge of your seat, giving out one clue at a time, until all of the pieces of the puzzle fit. Or do they? There were times that I was so confused but I know that was the author’s intention.

I definitely recommend Mummy’s Little Angel. Warning: contains sexual content and violence.






Author’s Bio

2016-09-23_7-01-09Award Winning Author, JW Lawson is already gaining recognition for her writing talents in the US and world-wide. The second of a trilogy of sensational thrillers,Mummy’s Little Angel is the winner of the highly acclaimed Worlds Best Story competition and has also received some outstanding reviews from the professional team of judges in the competition. She is currently writing her third thriller, Crossroads which will be available in 2017 and the final book of the current series, Hush Little Baby will be available in 2018.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Mummy’s Little Angel by J.W. Lawson

  1. JW Lawson September 23, 2016 / 9:30 am

    Thanks for reviewing Mummy’s Little Angel. I’m delighted that yoy enjoyed the book and that you were confused … I promise you, that was my intention! Thanks again, Jo


    • sleepygirl2 September 23, 2016 / 9:32 am

      I knew it was your intention and I loved the book! It kept me up half the night!


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