Book Review: Who She Was by Stormy Smith

Available May 4th

Trevor Adler loathes the music he used to love, but it’s the key to his full-ride scholarship and the ticket away from his dysfunctional parents. To kick off their freshman year, Trevor’s roommate drags him to a frat party, where he ends up face-to-face with his childhood best friend and finds himself entrenched in memories he’d rather forget.

Unable to let Charlie go again without understanding the truth of why she disappeared from his life and chose to become the type of person they always hated, Trevor is relentless in his pursuit of the girl he once knew.

Charlotte (Charlie) Logan is broken. Under her perfectly-crafted exterior are the shards of a shattered heart. A handful of angry words changed her life completely and Charlie’s never been able to forgive herself for the truth she’s hidden from everyone.

While Trevor pushes Charlie to remember the music that lit her soul and the laughter they shared, they find themselves reverting to a banter-filled rhythm that feels all too familiar, yet different now. When Trevor’s own secrets come to light, it becomes clear he and Charlie both must face their tragic pasts if they have any hope at a future together.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I had read the Bound series by Stormy Smith and I like her writing so I was happy to read Who She Was. The problem is that I was not prepared for all of the emotions it caused. I ended up with a headache from crying: happy crying and sad crying.

Trevor and Charlie are survivors. They were best friends until they were 13 years old and Trevor’s family moved away. Even though they both tried to keep in touch, they lost touch, each one thinking the other one had abandoned them. Now, four years later, they’re both at the same college and both are broken. They’re happy to be together again but they each have secrets. Can they learn to share and face their secrets or is it impossible for them to have a relationship with so much shared past and so much lost time?

Even though Who She Was is a young adult novel, it will pull on the heartstrings of adults as well.



About the Author

Stormy Smith is the author of the number one bestselling Bound series. She calls Iowa’s capital home now, but was raised in a tiny town in the Southeast corner of the state. She grew to love books honestly, having a mom that read voraciously and instilled that same love in her. She knew quickly stories of fantasy were her favorite, and even as an adult gravitates toward paranormal stories in any form.

Writing a book had never been an aspiration, but suddenly the story was there and couldn’t be stopped. When she isn’t working on, or thinking about, her books, Stormy’s favorite places include bar patios, live music shows, her yoga mat or anywhere she can relax with her husband or girlfriends.


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