Book Review & Giveaway: The Storyteller’s Book by Kevin Fleming

The Storyteller’s Book
The Chronicles of Midway Book 1
by Kevin Fleming
Genre: SciFi Fantasy
“ … you must realise and accept, neither me, your mum, nor either of you are
Nick and Mel are 14 year old twins living normal lives with their parents.
When they discover an ancient book in their attic and read from it,
strange events begin to happen around them. Something has been
awakened which prompts their parents to take them away to a town
called Midway where they reveal to the twins that they are not human.
They had been hidden on Earth, brought up as though they were human,
awaiting the right moment for the truth to be told.
When their parents mysteriously disappear on their first night away, they
are forced to discover for themselves what their roles are in the new
lives they’ve been thrown into. They struggle alone as they try to
understand and balance their past human lives with their alien
destiny. When the book they discovered at their home is stolen, it
falls on the twins to recover it. The book has a lot more power than
they realised, and if they fail, it will not be they who suffer, but
the whole human race.
Along the way, they meet an array of characters, some will become friends,
some will become enemies, who can they trust? For now, they can trust
only each other.

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

The Storyteller’s Book is about Mel and Nick who are twins. They’ve led a normal life until one day when they’re 15 years old, they are taken out of school and their parents rush them out of the house and take them to Midway. They soon find out that they’re not human and that they have a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell them what that destiny is. Of course, that’s frustrating for them and it was frustrating for me as well.

There are quite a few characters in this story and they are either good or bad, bright or dark. The twins aren’t typical 15-year-olds as they take everything in stride. They get a little overwhelmed at times but they never seem to be too upset about not being human. Since they’re not humans, though, I guess they wouldn’t act as typical 15-year-olds.

The Storyteller’s Book starts a little slow but it has more suspense and action as the story develops. I think it’s a story that young adults would enjoy as well as some adults.


The Mines of Kothkish
The Chronicles of Midway Book 2
When Sebastian, the brother of their friend Celeste is abducted by the
rogue faction known as The Malum-Atra, twins Nicholas and Melandra
Wigg are first in the queue to help the Shreen Angels in their quest
to find and rescue the unfortunate victim.

As the situation escalates and the full extent of the danger to Midway
and the whole human race is revealed, Nick and Mel face a race
against time to locate where Sebastian is held.
Do the Mines of Kothkish with their glowing caverns of billions of
precious stones hold the answer to the mystery of Sebastian’s
location? What role does Elaine, the human girl with the unusual
gifts have to do with finding the abducted Shreen Angel? And what is
the secret that has been hidden in Little Meesden for two hundred
Find out as we meet friends and foe, old and new, as once again Nick and
Mel fight for the survival of the human universe.
From facing evil snow creatures to diving into lakes of fire, share in the
exciting adventures of Nick and Mel in the second of the Chronicles
of Midway series, The Mines of Kothkish.
The Warlords of Shreen
The Chronicles of Midway Book 3
Nicholas and Melandra Wigg have already met Hadad, the only warlord still at
large, but now they are faced with a plot to release the other three
warlords trapped within collectors.
When Nick and Mel enter the dream room, a story of great tragedy, loss and
regret is revealed as they discover Malvern, once a colleague of
Rufus, is behind the terror that is the Malum-Atra. Insane with fear
and hatred of the human race, he is searching for a way to open the
collectors, thus unleashing the warlords upon the world.
What does the secret of Meesden House and the tragic history of the old
railway house have to do with preventing Malvern’s evil
Join Nick and Mel in this story of redemption and second chances as they
continue their quest to fulfil their destiny in The Warlords of
Shreen, the third book of The Chronicles of Midway series.
Carnival of the Otherworld
The Chronicles of Midway Book 4
Join Nicholas and Melandra Wigg in one more exciting adventure as they
come up against Natasha Moon, Malvern’s evil accomplice, who
together lead the Malum-Atra’s desperate final attempt to destroy
the human universe.
How would the humans react if Midway was revealed to them?
How would Midway’s lethal automated defence system respond to
an Earth attack?
Nick and Mel are faced with these frightening questions and even more
horrifying answers as they do battle with sea spiders, Shreen demons
and the ancient Defender of Midway.
What were the startling events of several years earlier that unknowingly
affected the lives of many humans in Little Meesden? What was the
tragedy that befell Celeste’s mother? Will Nick and Mel finally
come face to face with their destiny?
Find out, as these and many more secrets are revealed in Carnival of the
Otherworld, the final book of the series, The Chronicles of Midway.
Kevin Fleming was born and still lives in Liverpool. He worked for a large
telecoms company for over twenty years before leaving to run his own
business for a further fifteen years.
Having written short or incomplete stories on and off all his life, he
believes now is the time to put his full commitment into writing more
seriously. Since 2012, he has devoted his time to writing and has
completed a four part sci/fi, fantasy series aimed at ages from 11
years old and upwards, called ‘The Chronicles of Midway’.
He is mainly interested in writing supernatural, science fiction and
fantasy novels that would appeal to young and old alike. Currently he
is working on another series that would combine all these genres.
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    This sounds like a wonderful series that I would enjoy reading myself and then passing on to my grand daughter. Thanks so much for sharing.

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      You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


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