Guest Post with Giveaway: Sentinels of the Night by Anita Dickason

Plot Background


Sentinels of the Night is the first installment in the FBI Trackers series. Each of the agents has a special gift, one that defies logic and reason and is drawn from my infatuation with Native American myths, and Scottish and Irish folklore.

Cat Morgan is the first agent to be selected for the team. She has an uncanny ability to find dead bodies; not just any bodies, but the bodies of murdered victims. She hides her eerie link to her ‘informants’ under a shroud of vague and misleading explanations. Mystified by her actions, her fellow agents have dubbed her the Witchy woman. For Scott Fleming, the head of the new unit, she is the perfect agent for his team. Scott has secrets of his own.

On the way to her new assignment, she finds a body when she makes an unscheduled stop in Clinton, Mississippi.




Back on the ground, she stripped off the gloves and stuffed them in her pocket. She couldn’t toss them in the dumpster for the crime scene personnel to find. She already had enough to explain.

So, what am I going to do? With so little of the body visible, it wouldn’t be easy. Which story—animals, or accidentally tossing her car keys along with a bag of trash. Both had worked on other occasions. Since she didn’t have any trash to throw in the dumpster as a backup to her story, it would have to be animals.

Her first call was to 911, the second to her new supervisor, Scott Fleming. Although she hated to disturb him at home, there wasn’t a choice.


“Scott, it’s Cat. I have a bit of a problem. I’m at a hotel in Clinton, Mississippi and found a body.”

“Holy hell, Cat! How did you do that?”

“Oh … uh, I’d parked my car and thought I heard odd noises as I walked past a dumpster. When I looked inside, I spotted the body.”

“You checked a dumpster just because you thought you heard a sound. Did I get that right?”


“What caused the sounds?”

“Umm … an animal, maybe a raccoon rooting through the garbage.”

“A raccoon. Was there one? No, don’t answer. I don’t want to know. Where are you now?”

“At the hotel. I’m waiting for the police to arrive.”

“Call me after you’ve talked to them.” His voice faded, “Raccoons … my ass!” and the call disconnected.

Great! Just great. That certainly wasn’t the best start to her new job, sliding the phone in her jacket pocket.



 For more information on Sentinels of the Night and the second Tracker novel, Going Gone!, please see my website or the book trailers.


Sentinels of the Night:

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