Book Review: Sir Ockham’s Journey by S.D. Birkbeck

A volcano erupts. In Upoverland, scientists prepare to drop into its smoky cone. In Goneunderland rumours spread that the blast has uncovered a mass of luxite crystals. The scramble is on and as the two worlds are about to collide, Sir Ockham Bally-Ping and his team of misfit adventurers find themselves stuck in the middle.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

When I started this book, I wondered how I was going to like it because it talks about Upoverland and Goneunderland so I was afraid it was a little too out there for me. Was I wrong! Sir Ockham’s Journey is a fantasy with quirky characters, lots of action, humor, and a good ending.

S.D. Birkbeck’s writing flows well and is easy to follow. Sir Ockham’s Journey is a book that young adults and adults will enjoy.


About the Author

S. D. Birkbeck grew up in rural New Zealand and worked for several newspapers before settling in London in 1996. Thus far, he has published three books in the Tales of Field Mouse series, and two other books in the Goneunderland adventure series, namely “The Beast of Steaming Forest” and “The Knappler’s Burden”. He has also had success in writing short plays.



 “Within a heartbeat, the blades had cut the ropes leaving just a thread intact. The drone cut out and spiraled into the volcano. Kate looked up at the torn rope. She was now hanging by a few threads.


“Give me your hand!”

Kate reached out. Their hands were inches apart. Polly swung away. As she swung back she reached out and grabbed Kate’s fingers.

“Got you!”

But she hadn’t.

Kate’s rope snapped and she fell into the volcano.”


“Sir Ockham’s Journey” by S. D. Birkbeck is available from Amazon UK. 



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