Guest Post & Giveaway: Top 5 Scary Movie Monsters of All Time

Top 5 Scary Movie Monsters of All Time

By Michael Phillip Cash


#5 Godzilla

I love big monsters. Like really big. Like big enough to stop any other monster in its tracks. Godzilla has these capabilities and it’s through his (I think Godzilla is a dude) sheer size, nothing can stop him. My son and I play Rampage on our arcade system. There is something incredibly fun about controlling a giant lizard to destroy the cities of America.


#4 Jaws

I watched the movie Jaws 30 years ago, and I still have a hard time going into the deep end of my pool without thinking about this massive great white shark. The problem with Jaws, unlike the other monsters – IT’S REAL. These sharks exist, and they apparently like to chow down on teens with bad hair. But I digress. Jaws is unstoppable. It lives in the ocean. It’s smart. It’s strong. And apparently, the only two things that can stop it are 1. NOT going into the ocean. 2. A scuba tank in its mouth that can be shot at from a mile away. To avoid this incredible monster, I’d rather opt for staying on land.


#3 Freddy Krueger

Yes, he has cheesy one-liners. Yes, his movies got progressively worse. Yes, Johnny Depp was in the first one. However, the idea behind Freddy Krueger has still haunted my memory from the time I was a kid. For some reason, my mom and dad (whom I love dearly) allowed me to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street as a wee lad. Apparently, they didn’t think the idea of a man who would kill teens in their dreams wasn’t so scary. Well, it was. To avoid being eaten by a shark, stay out of the water. To avoid being hacked to death by a masked Hockey nut, just don’t go to sleep away camp. But in order to not get killed in your dreams by a demonic, bladed-glove wearing, and disfigured psycho – don’t fall asleep.  Pretty difficult if you ask me.


#2 The Blob

I love The Blob so much I had to include it in the new class of monsters in my book Monsterland 2. However, I changed the name to The Glob. The Blob is relentless. An alien mass that grows bigger every time it comes into contact with living flesh. Having it just fall from the sky in a spaceship is a bit of a cop-out, but I changed things up with my version of the Blob. My Blob, again known as The Glob, is alien fuel that will suck the energy out of anything it touches; however, it can reanimate dead things too. I bet you can guess what The Glob will be reanimating in Monsterland 2.


#1 Gill-Man

There is something scary to say when evolution messes up royally. The last living member of a tribe of amphibious humanoids which thrived during the Paleo age (not the diet), the Gill-man resides in a lagoon located in a largely uncharted area of the Amazon (not the website, but actually the rain forests in the Amazon jungle). The creature was known to the inhabitants as the “fish-man,” which really doesn’t sound so scary. However, the Gill-Man is fast healing, which means he can survive any wound, which would be lethal to us mere mortals, such as gunshots or a silver bullet. Gill-Man also has an inactive set of lungs, should its gills be irreparably damaged. I can easily say this is one of my favorite – if not my absolute favorite monster – of all time.


by Michael Phillip Cash








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