Book Review: Secrets Abound in Missing Lake by Tanya Fyfe

Secrets Abound in Missing Lake by Tanya Fyfe

Publisher:  Create Space (April 27, 2017)
Category: Fantasy, Paranormal, Dragons, Young Adult
Tour dates: Apr/May, 2018
ISBN: 978-1545370308
Available in Print and ebook,342 pages


In the third book in the acclaimed teen fiction, ‘Missing Lake’ series, Luke Houser is approaching his sixteenth birthday as well as summer vacation in the tiny mountain community of Missing Lake. He continues to try to find balance between real life with friends and their social requirements with the secret world of the mystical dragons.

Luke faces challenges with one of his beloved sled dogs as well as with Zagros, the majestic silver dragon, when he has to make choices that could lead to potential disaster. As the summer unfolds, so do more secrets in all aspects of Luke’s life and he tries to make sense of everything happening around him.

This is the third book in the series which shares Luke’s awkward and yet charming journey through adolescence with his beloved team of huskies, his friends near and far, and two dragon eggs that are going to hatch in the middle of nowhere.


Praise for Secrets Abound in Missing Lake

“This seems to be a realistic portrayal of coming of age preoccupations and trials–with the added interest of a link with dragons that must be kept secret. Dragons, humans, and sled dogs come to life with equal vividness.”-Margaret, Goodreads Review

“The very talented Dr. Tanya Fyfe does it again. In her latest installment of the Missing Lake saga, we romp through Luke’s adventures with high school, veterinary medicine, and of course, dragons. In this third book of the series, Fyfe intertwines the relationships of a blended family, teenagers, and dragons. There is a great bit of fun and just the right dose of medicine.” Kelly Malinas, DVM, Nevada


Praise for Dragons of Missing Lake 

“What fun to read books that are imaginative, well paced, varied, and knowledgeable. I plan to go buy the third in the series tomorrow.”- Margaret, Goodreads Review

“What a fun adventure Luke goes on in this book. I think his life is about to take a very big change in direction and I can’t wait for the next book.”-Cindy C., Amazon Review

“Great escape in the pages of this delightful book. Wonderful sequel. I can’t wait to read more by this imaginative author.”- Kelly N. Maclellan, Amazon Review



Guest Book Review by Sal


Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with the idea of dragons.  I thought they were real creatures that lived in the age of dinosaurs.  I have to admit that I still love stories with dragons as an adult.

‘Secrets Abound Missing Lake’ is the third book in Tanya Fyfe’s ‘Missing Lake’ series.  It centers on Luke who is about to turn 16 years old.  He is a typical teenager.  He wants to get his driving permit, he hangs out with friends, and he likes a girl but doesn’t really want to admit it.  However, he also has a lot of responsibility.  He and his dad have a team of sledding dogs.  In fact, they moved from Bismarck, North Dakota to middle of nowhere Montana to take up dog sledding.

He is mostly responsible for keeping their kennel clean.  He also helps out his step mother at her veterinary clinic after school.  Luke also has a very big secret that only a few people know about.  He is friends to a dragon couple, Zagros and Samantha and they are guardian of two eggs that are going to hatch.  Both his father and Jackie have met the dragon couple.

This is mostly a coming of age story.  It’s fun to follow Luke through his awkward teenage years and how he deals with life.  He is also conflicted because his mother lives far away in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  He wants to see her but doesn’t want to leave his dogs and dragon friends, etc. 

The descriptions of North Dakota, Montana, and Vancouver are well written and help the reader sink into the story.  The characters and dialogue keep the pace going and makes for a book that is hard to put down. The ‘Secrets Abound Missing Lake’ is a memorable book that I plan to share with my grandchildren when they are a little older.  I also plan to read the first two books in the series and can hardly wait for book 4.  This book is a must read for those who like coming of age stories and dragons.  Actually animal lovers would love it as well.  I give it 5 stars.



About the Author

Tanya Fyfe grew up in Canada as a professional figure skater who dreamed of writing books. That dream came true when she wrote and published Lost and Found in Missing Lake in 2014. Now a veterinarian, Dr. Fyfe lives in rural western Montana and is inspired daily by the beauty around her.

She and her husband split time between Montana and North Dakota and enjoy improving their golf games and visiting Hawaii every chance they get. They share their home with charming dogs, inquisitive cats, a herd of horses, and three hilarious ferrets named Phillipa, Calypso, and Luigi.


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Secrets Abound in Missing Lake by Tanya Fyfe




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