Book Review: Brooklyn Astronaut by Jermain Smith

Brooklyn Astronaut is about a eight year old African American boy named Jamuel, who wants to travel to outer space when he grows up. Jamuel raised in a two parent home goes with his mother, Rebecca, to meet his father, Eddy, at the Brooklyn Science Museum on a summer afternoon. On there way to the Science Museum, Rebecca stops by all of Jamuel’s friends houses so they can also join in the fun. On everyone’s arrival to the science museum, Eddy has one of his coworkers show Jamuel and his friends a tour of the museum. This is where Jamuel learns what it takes to become an astronaut. Jamuel parents are very proud that their child is not only fun with friends, but also has taken an interest in being the world’s next future scientist.



My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Brooklyn Astronaut is a difficult book to review. It has good ideas: it reinforces the idea that friends can be any color and from any background, it teaches a little about space and the moon, and it encourages children to want to go to a museum. I also think the dream at the beginning of the book was fun and cute and kids of any age would enjoy it.

Unfortunately, Brooklyn Astronaut should focus more on one age group. It’s listed for the ages 8-12 but the length of the book and font size are more appropriate for younger children. The pictures are colorful and different (I like different) and are more for younger children as well, but there aren’t pictures on some pages so younger children could easily lose interest. There are too many long sentences for younger readers too, so I’m at a loss as far as a good age for Brooklyn Astronaut



About the Author

Brooklyn Astronaut is a family oriented book series, supporting our next generation of kids to dream and to dream big. Brooklyn Astronaut is independently published by the author, and owner CEO of Smith Prudent Reads LLC.

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