Book Review: The Life and Lessons of a Young Author by Sunayna Prasad

Book Title: The Life and Lessons of a Young Author by Sunayna Prasad
Category: YA Non-fiction, 19 pages
Genre: Writing
Publisher: Amazon KDP
Release date: Sept 1, 2018
Format available for review: ebook (PDF)
Tour dates: Aug 13 to 31, 2018
Content Rating: G


Book Description

Whether you are young or old, The Life and Lessons of a Young Author can offer those who dream of finding the right path in the world of writing and publishing. Sunayna Prasad shares her experience as a young author and discusses what went well for her and what she suggests to those who long for success.

Talking about her life as a published writer, Sunayna Prasad teaches you the rules of the writing craft and the standards of the publishing world, as well as additional tips and tricks. The Life and Lessons of a Young Author can help you choose your own writing and publishing paths.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

In The Life and Lessons of a Young Author, the author shares her experiences and explains what did and did not work for her. She also encourages authors to get feedback from as many people as possible, especially strangers, and to accept negative feedback and use it to better their writing. 

She tries to caution new authors that rewriting and publishing can take weeks, months, even years. Sales may also be a disappointment, but authors need to hang in there. Many bestselling authors struggled for years before they were published or had bestsellers.

This is a good book for authors who are starting out or thinking about writing a book. It’s very short so there’s not a lot about the writing process. It’s more about what has worked for her along with a little encouragement.


Meet the Author

Sunayna Prasad has been writing since she was six. She continues to write fiction and non-fiction today and has even won a Pacific Book-Review award. She lives in New York, and when not writing, likes to create art and cook.

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