Book Review: The Possession of November Jones by Pat Herbert

Book 3 (Revised Edition) in the Rev. Paltoquet Supernatural Murder Mystery series


About the Book:

Towards the end of the 19th Century, two young mothers meet violent ends in a large South London house. Reverend Bernard Paltoquet and Dr Robbie MacTavish, together with their friend, clairvoyant Dorothy Plunkett, are drawn into these tragic events, when young November Jones walks into Robbie’s surgery in the late autumn of 1962. What is the mystery surrounding her and why is a restless spirit trying to communicate through her?

The disused cellar in the house she rents seems to hold the answer.

Meanwhile, two senior citizens are wandering in and out of Bernard’s vicarage trying to find answers of their own.



My Review

I’m in the process of reading the Bernard Paltoquet books in order. I enjoy the stories and this one was no exception. I like seeing how the relationships evolve between Bernard and his friends Robbie and Dorothy as well as his housekeeper. And there’s always a mystery that includes the paranormal which makes it an interesting read. Even better, this book would also stand on its own.

The Possession of November Jones starts in the late 1880s with a couple of unsolved murders. Then it fast forwards to the 1960s with the possession of November (Nova) Jones who is living in the same house where the murders occurred. It takes Nova and Bernard and his friends as well as a couple of elderly women who have been living on the street to figure out who is possessing Nova and why.

The characters are interesting and well developed. The friendship between Bernie and Robbie is very close. They have gotten to the point that they can discuss just about anything. Robbie has accepted the fact that Dorothy just considers him a friend and encourages Bernie to step up and propose to her. Now that she’s back after 14 years, will they finally get together?

The characters in the 1880s aren’t complex like the characters in the 1960s. The girls are naïve which is ironic since they had been working on the streets. On the other hand, the men are evil.

I enjoyed The Possession of November Jones and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.




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About the Author:


Pat Herbert lives in London, England.  She worked as a typist for a publishing company, based in Blackfriars, then trained to become a Chartered Librarian before working for British Gypsum in London’s West End.  She was always interested in returning to publishing and took on the job of PA to the Managing Director of Thomson Books, which owned publishers including Hamish Hamilton, Michael Joseph and Sphere at the time, before they were taken over by Penguin.

Since then, Pat worked in recruitment and she is currently working part-time for a private cardiac clinic, and writes during her spare time (with her boss’s permission, of course).

Pat loves reading modern crime novels mainly (Peter James, Peter Robinson, Ruth Rendell) and she has an extensive film library. She was brought up in a cinema as her mother was an usherette, and many of her novels lend themselves to the big screen.


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