Book Review: Tenacity by Ron Coury

Tenacity: True Life Story by Ron CouryTenacity: True Life Story by Ron Coury

Publisher:  Las Vegas Publishing Group, LLC (Dec 20, 2018)
Category: Memoir, Las Vegas, Non-Fiction
Tour dates: Feb-Mar, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-732720-1-2
Available in Print and ebook, 282 pages



Tenacity tells the gripping true story of how Ron Coury, a Las Vegas businessman, Marine and former Brooklynite survived corruption and cancer to achieve the American Dream. The aptly-titled memoir focuses on the determination necessary to overcome any and all unjust obstacles that may stand in the way of one’s dreams.

Tenacity chronicles the evolution of the natural-born entrepreneur, a major business figure in Las Vegas for decades. As Coury climbed the ladder toward success, he faced a barrage of constraints including political and police corruption, bribery, coercion and even death threats. Along the way, he also had a couple of offers to settle matters discreetly, with a few well-placed bullets. His choices would have life altering consequences for many.



Guest Review by Laura Lee

Well I can’t say this book didn’t pull me in right from the start. It was a fantastic opening that left me wanting more right away. Ron Coury is a Brooklyn native and a former US Marine who has worn many different hats in his lifetime. But perhaps the most surprising role that he’s played is the role of someone accused of a crime. 

In 1990, Coury battled the false accusations of a former employee and while this is not the main focus of the memoir, it was the part that I found most compelling. Especially since Coury starts out the book by placing the reader right next to him in the court room as his charges are read out and he pleads ‘not guilty.’ I don’t think I’m spoiling it to reveal that he did eventually clear his name of all charges. But, it was after reading that opening I immediately knew that this book was going to be a roller coaster ride and I was not wrong in the least.

From descriptions of his grueling days in boot camp, to his fight against corruption in the Nevada government, to his time as a successful business man, this memoir takes quite a few twists and turns and has both funny and shocking moments (on the funny side, I loved the anecdote about his father chasing his childhood bullies down the street. Hilarious!) 

Coury’s writing is solid and his narrative has a way of revealing just enough detail without bogging down the reader in specifics. I was captivated by this memoir and when it ended I didn’t feel like I’d had enough. Five stars to Ron Coury for this one! Heartily recommend this to anyone who loves a good story. I guarantee you won’t regret it!



About the AuthorTenacity: True Life Story by Ron Coury

Ron Coury is a name that is well-known to long time residents and members of the business community in Southern Nevada. A former U.S. Marine, Coury has seen and done a lot in his 45 years in Las Vegas. Coury is an observational entrepreneur, a “niche finder,” in his words. With nearly every venture he has undertaken, along with various business partners, he identified operational nuances that led to enhanced levels of success with all their ventures. This mindset was fascinating to execute in a young, growing town like Las Vegas since his arrival in 1973.

Coury has worked as a casino dealer, real estate agent, founder of a limousine service and a partner in bars, restaurants, major graphics and glass companies, along with several automobile dealerships in Nevada and California.

From growing up on the streets of Brooklyn in the ’60s and early ’70s to surviving the good-ole-boy and Wild-West business and political climate of old school Las Vegas, this book is a testament to how Coury’s courage and perseverance enabled him to prevail against unethical, illegal and seemingly insurmountable obstacles along the path toward achieving his goals and dreams. Coury also chronicles his biggest challenge of all, beating esophageal cancer against the longest of odds.



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Tenacity: True Life Story by Ron Coury

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