Book Review: Sea of Lies by Rachel McLean

He abducted her. He fell in love with her. He helped her escape. Can she trust him?

Sarah Evans has returned home after being abducted and held in a dilapidated farmhouse by a group of men.

With her is Martin, who turned against the other men to help her escape. He says he’s not like them, and claims to be in love with her.

Can Sarah trust Martin? Does she share his feelings? Or should she listen to her father, himself deceitful and abusive, and turn her back on the relationship?

Sea of Lies is a chilling psychological thriller about secrets, trust, and a family falling apart.

A standalone sequel to Thicker Than Water

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I read Thicker Than Water a couple of weeks ago and was looking forward to reading the sequel, Sea of Lies.

A community on the North Yorkshire coast has worked hard to survive after floods that wiped out their homes six years ago. They’re self-sufficient but on edge because four of the village women were abducted and even though they’re home now, no one knows if some of the kidnappers will return and cause problems. Also, their leader was killed during the rescue so the police could show up and most of the villagers don’t trust the police.

Sarah was one of the abducted women and although Martin was one of the kidnappers, he regretted helping them and tried to help Sarah escape. She was falling in love with him until she found out that he was one of the kidnappers. Now he’s still trying to help in any way he can but Sarah wants nothing to do with him.

Or does she? Her mind tells her one thing and her heart tells her another. Sarah doesn’t communicate with others well but her parents are poor examples. She needs to listen so that she can find out Martin’s whole story. Hopefully, she can do that before it’s too late.

Sea of Lies is mostly about Sarah dealing with the aftermath of the abduction, sorting out her feelings for Martin, and learning more about her parents.



About the Author

My name’s Rachel McLean and I write thrillers that make you think.

What does that mean?

In short, I want my stories to make your pulse race and your brain tick.

Do you often get through a thriller at breakneck pace but are left with little sense of what the book was really about? Do you sometimes read literary fiction but just wish something would damn well happen?

My books aim to fill that gap.

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