Book Review: The Secret Life & Death of Josie by Angela Kay

In the midst of a brutal custody battle for her young son, Det. Lexi Dixon is dragged into the cold case of seventeen-year-old Josie Parker, who was found dead fourteen years ago. Intrigued and hoping to get justice for Josie, Dixon and her partner investigate every possible lead as if the murder happened yesterday. They soon learn that Josie’s life was not as it appeared. Was the killer her controlling mother or her best friend? Was it the boyfriend no one ever knew about or someone else entirely? Or will this young girl’s killer once again slip through the cracks?

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy of the ARC. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I was happy to read this book because I’ve read all of Angela Kay’s books and they are good, especially I Can Kill.

Josie was murdered 14 years ago and her mom calls the police department to find out if anyone is still working on the case. Detective Lexi Dixon takes the call and gets permission to look at the cold case. She and her partner find additional information that was withheld by witnesses 14 years ago. But will it be enough to solve the case after being cold for so long?

While Dixon is working the case, she’s also dealing with a contentious divorce with an abusive ex. Although she is a strong woman when it comes to her job, she’s only recently learned to stand up for herself in her personal life. While the murder mystery is interesting, Dixon’s dealings with her ex are nerve wracking for both Dixon and the reader because it’s obvious that he’s capable of anything. 

I definitely recommend The Secret Life and Death of Josie. It has some good old fashioned detective work as well as drama/suspense, along with a touch of romance.



About the Author

Equipped with a professional writing degree from Augusta State University,
Angela Kay is a southern lady who spends her days and nights dreaming
up new ways to solve dark murders of normal people.
Angela Kay was one of 23 across the United States to win a 2009 playwright
contest for her one-act entitled “Digging Deeper.” Because of
this, she was able to spend a week in Atlanta at the Horizon Theater
She lives in Augusta, Georgia with her crazy calico, Maggie.




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