Book Review: Once You Kiss a Stranger by Pat Herbert

Strangers can be exciting. They can also be dangerous. When Petra meets Jason through an online dating site, little does she realise the kind of man he is. Complications follow when he falls for Becca, her prettier sister, whose picture Petra has uploaded to the site instead of her own. Things start to spiral out of control when Jason’s estranged wife turns up unexpectedly. Set on marrying Becca, he takes drastic steps to rid himself of her forever. Meanwhile, Jason’s friend Marcus is torn between loyalty to his friend and suspicion he is a cold-blooded murderer. Then Becca receives news no one ever wants to hear…


My Review

I have read several of Pat Herbert’s books so I was happy to read this one although it’s not the same genre as her usual mysteries.

Sisters Petra and Becca are single, and Petra wants to find a man. Unfortunately, although she’s pretty, her sister is gorgeous, and men always fall for her instead. Becca suggests that Petra try internet dating. That’s how they meet Jason and Marcus who have been friends for years.

I guess you could call this a love quadrangle. Petra loves Jason but Becca has Jason. Becca loves Marcus but Marcus loves Petra. Petra finally gets Jason but realizes that she loves Marcus. These relationships are crazy! At first, I was put off by them falling for each other so easily and quickly before they even knew each other, but I realized that is actually the way it is for a lot of people nowadays.

I didn’t care for Jason or Becca. Petra and Marcus were closer to “normal,” but even Petra wasn’t my favorite person. I’m not quite sure why, but it could be because of her obsession with Jason because of his looks. My opinion of did Petra change at the end of the book.

The ending was good and I ended up liking this book even though it’s not the genre I usually read.

About the Author

Pat Herbert lives in London, England and works as an administrator and receptionist at a private health clinic. She worked previously as PA to the Managing Director of Thomson Books before they were taken over by Penguin. This is her 16th novel. In her novels, Pat likes to include all the hallmarks of British suspense thrillers including unpredictable characters, dark deeds, misdirection and misunderstandings, and at times, a touch of the supernatural.