Book Review: Lonely Crocodile by Alex May

Have you ever seen such a cute crocodile as on the cover of this book? This story happened to one crocodile named Croco. He was different from his brothers and sisters. Croco loved fruits and wanted to find a friend more than anything else.Rhyming touching story will not leave you and your child indifferent. This book is about friendship and kindness.To create this story an author was inspired by the drawing of her 4 year old daughter.  


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

The Lonely Crocodile is Croco, and he wants to have a friend to play with, but everyone is afraid of crocodiles. His brother explains that crocodiles are mean and meant to be alone, so Croco will never have any friends. Instead of giving up, Croco decides to pretend he’s not a crocodile. What will happen when his new friend finds out he’s really a crocodile?

This is a cute rhyming story with vibrant color illustrations by Nina Gvozdeva. It also contains an important lesson for children to look at what is on the inside of a person, not the outside. It would keep the interest of any 3-7 year old, and I plan on saving it to read to my grandson when he’s a little older.

The picture that inspired Alex May’s story (drawn by her daughter when she was 4 years old).

About the Author

Alex May is a mother of a nice 6 year old girl. All the stories she creates are inspired by events from the life of her child. Her books for children are full of meaning and humor. Her beautiful illustrations and magical stories not only stimulate the imaginations of young children but also inspire and educate them.

Alex May is dedicated to helping parents teach their children great values and life lessons in an easy to understand manner.