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The amazing journey of the rise in human consciousness, initiated at the beginning of the millennium, encompasses humanity, planet Earth and the whole of creation. Light Everlasting continues to describe the process of evolution as we ascend into the higher Fifth Dimensional level of consciousness known as the wonderful Golden Age of Love.

Profound life experiences have enabled Iris to develop her natural healing abilities and these have found expression as a Health Intuitive over the past twenty years, involving hundreds of clients in the UK and all over the world.

About the Author: 

Iris shares the gradual unfolding of what has become a journey of enlightenment beginning with her first book Caterpillar to Butterfly (published in 2009) followed by Over the Rainbow (2012), Awakening to Love (2014), Rising into the Age of Light (2016) and now Light Everlasting (2019).

Excerpt from the book: 

“A very long time ago I had a ground-breaking experience at a ‘feeling’ level when a man crossed my path which I describe in more detail in my previous books. It was the meeting of what we are now coming to learn more about, known as Twin Flame encounters. Up to now very little has been written about this. I explain to clients that probably the ultimate book on this whole experience has been channelled by the Ascended Master St Germain, Twin Souls and Soulmates published in 1998. He explains that when we reach a certain stage of inner growth ‘we attract a person of an identical vibration that can lead us to Divine Sacred Union.’

Everything on planet Earth is now in acceleration mode and more and more clients are contacting me and I have the opportunity to explain this situation to them. As this amazing journey unfolds, we can expect to gain more understanding. Perhaps it is appropriate to end this chapter with the words from an amazing book called The Life Everlasting by Marie Corelli published as far back as 1911.  The book review considers this narrative to be ‘the greatest love story of all time’.

‘Love must be born in the Soul and of the Soul. It must be a duel flame, that is to say it must find its counterpart in another Soul which is its ordained mate before it can fulfil its higher needs. Then, like two wings moved by the same soaring impulse, it assists the will and carries it to the highest heaven. Through its force, life is generated and preserved. Without it, life escapes to other places to find its love again. Nothing is perfect, nothing is lasting without the light and fire of this dual flame.’

What lovely thoughts to ponder!”

“Light Everlasting” is available to buy in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This book is also available to purchase from Amazon USA at:

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This is a self-help book about addiction, not just from the side of the addict suffering… but also from the affected family member.

Lizbeth and Meath, a mother and daughter wrote this insightful biography in the hope of helping people understand addiction and the suffering and possible recovery both sides experience.

They hope to make a non-profit foundation to help addicts from the proceeds of this book.

Book reviews on Amazon: 


5.0 out of 5 stars  Just what I needed

6 September 2019

Format: Paperback

Verified Purchase

“Compelling… raw, real and relatable. I am ordering some more to give to friends I think it will help. Touching on all forms of self-destructive behaviours and addictions and making it very simple to understand and even better give hope for recovery. One person found this helpful.”

T R Heaton

5.0 out of 5 stars  Brilliant… & So helpful thank you.

6 September 2019

Format: Hardcover

Verified Purchase

“Very easy to read and understand. I was hooked! Opened my mind to addiction and the trouble it brings to all parties not just the addict. Relatable. Gave me much hope for someone close to me.”

Excerpt from the book: 

“The addiction was thinking for me and I was a victim to its needs.

I was sitting there not realising what was going on and sometimes it can still happen now. Nine years clean but in a different way. If I don’t go to meetings for a while my peace of mind goes. My brain says I didn’t go last week and I’m okay now, I’ve things to do, then suddenly I’m snapping at my husband and short with my kids and everyone’s the enemy.

If they would just leave me alone and agree with me and do exactly what I need them to then all will be well.

And then I’m back in the madness again! Self, self, self, it’s all about me, me, me!

In the beginning I would have used almost immediately if I hadn’t gone to a meeting, whereas now I go into negative thinking.

The disease always wants to isolate you.

It tells you that you don’t have it. All it wants is for you to be alone, so eventually you can be broken in the dark where things are so bad because you have pushed everyone away. So there is absolutely no other option apart from to use, drink or kill yourself, and that is the bottom line, for me.”

“No More” is available to purchase in hardback from Amazon UK at:

This book is also available to buy in paperback at:

The book can be downloaded in e-book format as well at:

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June 1976 – the year of the great summer heatwave in the UK, and in a small university town in England, a young student had just completed his final exams in architecture. His studies had introduced him to a Finnish architect called Alvar Aalto – a shining light in modern architecture and he was desperate to meet this man and experience some of his outstanding buildings.

Aalto’s best work was in Finland, high up near the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia, sandwiched between the powerful neighbours of Sweden and Russia. The shy and reserved Finns speak a unique language which has helped them keep their cultural identity intact, in a country which has been described as the last great wilderness in Europe.

Searching for Alvar tells the true story of the author’s journey into this remote, mysterious corner of the world, and his quest to understand these remarkable people and the influences that inspired Alvar Aalto to create such stunning, distinctive architecture.

Book review on Amazon: 

 from Wordly Traveller on October 18, 2019

Finland in all its splendor

This is a real-life story of the author’s travels, told in words and through photos, to a distant part of Finland to meet and speak with a specially-talented Finnish architect.

On his journey, the author gets to know the Finnish people, culture and traditions which inspired Aalto to create such outstanding and stunning architecture.

Like all good travelogues, this book provides readers with a unique insight into the country in which he travels, and is definitely worth reading.  The photos in the book tell a story in themselves.

Excerpt from the book:

“I was mesmerised by this wilderness and I wallowed in the scenery and atmosphere. This stark scenery with such extremes of light and emptiness was rugged and harsh and utterly intoxicating. After two weeks, the trip wound its way back to Rovaniemi and I took a train back to Raisio in the south to continue my working life there again.

When I returned to Lapland many years later, I was happy that much of the simple beauty of Finnish Lapland had not been lost, despite the mass tourism that had organised reindeer sledging and Northern Lights trips for the mass tourism market. I had been privileged to experience the unspoilt wilderness in 1978 which was still relatively unknown to people outside Finland and I had been amongst the indigenous Sami people who had accepted my strange western looks and language. It was another adventure which had exceeded my expectations.”

“Searching for Alvar” is available to purchase in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This beautifully-illustrated book can also be downloaded in e-book format at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

New Generation Publishing
Tel. 01234 712 064

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