Book Review: Reason for Concern by Anita Kulina

Reason for Concern: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita KulinaReason for Concern: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita Kulina

Publisher:  Brandt Street Press (August, 2019)
Category: Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuths
Tour dates: October & November, 2019
Available in Print and ebook, 240 pages
Reason For Concern


Mrs. B is back on the case with a new mystery to solve!

People don’t vanish into thin air.  Yet no one has seen Alice since St. Mary’s Senior Center had their Supper Club outing on Sunday.  As Mrs. B learns more about her friend, the disappearance seems to involve a burglary, an emerald necklace and maybe even a motorcycle gang.

Where in heaven’s name is Alice?



Guest Review by Laura Lee

A well-plotted and compelling mystery from a fresh author

Alice has gone missing. No one has seen her since supper at the senior center on Sunday. No one believes that she is actually missing, either, no one except Mrs. B.

Anita Kulina’s ‘Reason for Concern’ is the second book in the Mrs. B series, the first having been released three years ago. In this one, Mrs. B becomes concerned by Alice’s disappearance as the woman is her friend and she knows her to be generally steadfast and reliable.

Mrs. B is a wonderful and engaging character. I loved her boldness and her unruffled nature. Often in these types of stories the female characters can be kind of apologetic and timid but Mrs. B was neither of those things. When she discovered that her friend had gone missing she charged right in to find her, even though she had to go through quite a lot of rather unpleasant circumstances to investigate the crime. Kulina’s writing has a flair for the witty and brilliant with just a hint of slapstick thrown in here and there for good measure. All of the side characters were a hoot, (I particularly enjoyed the little girls, Kelly and Blossom) and helped to flesh the story out and add some levity.

Every mystery needs good plotting, and I’m happy to say that ‘Reason for Concern’ really pleased me with its development as the story progressed. There were no parts that dragged and, in the end, all of the clues that the author had left for me to find came together beautifully. Of course, I can’t tell you anymore about that, because then it wouldn’t be a mystery anymore. But suffice it to say, the ending was very fulfilling and fit the story perfectly. A billion stars for this great mystery!



Praise for Question of Devotion by Anita Kulina

“I found it captivating and funny how one elderly lady’s typical life changes from doing games at a senior center to investigating a crime.
The characters including Mrs. B are believable. For fans of The Murder She Wrote, Piriot, and Columbo, readers will love this book. I was engaged, entertained, and can’t wait for the next installment. Mrs. B is my new favorite lady detective. Smart, brave, and funny. Overall, I recommend A Question of Devotion to all.”-Danielle Urban of Urban Book Reviews

“This is a wonderful cozy mystery. Mrs. B is a sweet little old lady that knows everyone and everyone knows her. Most people might not think of her as a detective but that is not going to stop her search for the truth. I loved reading about her bumbling around on the internet. But I loved the interaction between her and Kelly.
If you like cozy mysteries look no further. This one has a great story and some hair raising events. I will be looking forward to other books in this series.”-Jessica Bronder of J Bronder Book Reviews

“I adored A Question of Devotion and Mrs. B. It’s my goal to be Mrs. B when I “grow up. The mystery in A Question of Devotion is shockingly not a murder! However, it was a nice change to have a mystery that involved a robbery rather than your typical cozy mystery book murder. Mrs. B gets involved because the man accused of the crime is her good friend’s son. With some quick deduction, Mrs. B is able to help her friend. Along the way, you’ll meet some interesting characters at the senior center, and you’ll feel like you’re part of the story through the way the author describes this neighborhood. I definitely recommend A Question of Devotion to all of you cozy mystery fans! This one’s a keeper. I can’t wait for more Mrs. B.”-Christy of Christy’s Cozy Corners

“You know the warm glow you get from drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee? This book will warm your insides in the same way. For those of you who love frogs as much as I do, how about the pleasure you get from listening to the spring peepers at the beginning of each spring? Reading this book gives one the same feeling. Hmm. Is there such a thing as a warm, comforting mystery? If so, this one definitely falls into that category.”-Lisa of Lisa’s Writopia

Achievement in Literature award from the Community of Hazelwood (in Pittsburgh PA)



About the AuthorReason for Concern by Anita Kulina

Anita Kulina has been writing since she was nine years old and kneeling, pencil in hand, at the coffee table in a house very much like Mrs. B’s.  Nowadays, she writes mystery books.  When she’s not writing, she helps people tell their family stories.  Anita’s other books are Millhunks and Renegades and A Question of Devotion: A Mrs. B Mystery.







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Reason for Concern: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita Kulina

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