Book Review: Britain’s Forgotten Serial Killer by John Lucas

Serial killer Patrick Mackay was dubbed the most dangerous man in Britain when he appeared in court in 1975 charged with three killings, including the axe murder of a priest. The Nazi-obsessed alcoholic had stalked the upmarket streets of West London hunting for victims and was suspected of at least eight further murders.

Now, after more than 40 years behind bars, where he has shunned publicity, Mackay has been allowed to change his name and win the right to live in an open prison – bringing him one step closer to freedom. For the first time, Britain’s Forgotten Serial Killer reveals the full, untold story of Patrick Mackay and the many still-unsolved murders linked to his case.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Like many people, true crime intrigues me. It’s always bothered me that someone can take a life and feel no remorse. And there seem to be so many serial killers who not only feel no remorse but enjoy killing and feel the need to kill over and over.

Because I’ve read quite a few true crime books and I watch a lot of true crime shows on TV, I was surprised that I’d never heard of Patrick Mackay. Even though he’s on the other side of an ocean, I’m surprised that I didn’t hear anything about him.

Mackay was charged with killing three people but he confessed to many more. Some of those were set aside and he wasn’t charged for them, and others he recanted and they’re still unsolved. It’s believed that there are probably more murders that he committed. What’s scary is that he could go free and since he’s changed his name, no one will know. I don’t understand how that could happen!

Britain’s Forgotten Serial Killer is interesting. It was a little too detailed at times, but the interviews of Mackay are fascinating. It’s hard to tell if he can’t remember parts of the murders, or if he just didn’t want to share everything. He talked about a mist several times, implying that he wasn’t in his right mind when he committed the murders? He didn’t even try to cover up that he did them.

Anyone who likes true crime will find the story of Patrick Mackay interesting, disturbing, and a good read.

About the Author

John Lucas is an investigative journalist based in Essex, East of England. He was the chief crime correspondent for the region’s major newspaper, The Echo, and his work now regularly appears in national newspapers.

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  1. andestrega December 9, 2019 / 10:29 am

    This sounds really interesting! I, too, have never heard of this serial killer and am surprised by that. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the review.

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