Book Review: Rangeela Tales by Gita V. Reddy

Navjyot rescues a near-to-death parrot and wins his trust. The parrot, Rangeela, has exceptional skills. He can speak and understand human speech. Instead of flying free, he chooses to live with Navjyot provided he promises to keep his talking skills a secret. Very soon they become the best of friends and have loads of fun, adventures, and sometimes, spats.
Rangeela Tales is a series of stories about the duo, and also about Navjyot’s nosy cousin, Nimi, and her black cat, Robber, who is on a mission to end Rangeela’s existence.

Rangeela Tales- Book 1
1. Rangeela Finds a Home
2. Rangeela Says No to Adventure
3. Rangeela Flies Away
4. Rangeela and Robber
5. Rangeela and the Bully
6. Rangeela and the Diamonds

Rangeela Tales- Book 2
1. Rangeela and the Old Foe
2. Rangeela Plays his Part
3. Rangeela and Robber Again
4. Rangeela to the Rescue
4. Rangeela Saves the Day
6. Rangeela is Furious.

Rangeela Tales- Book 3
1. Rangeela is Good Old Birdie
2. Robber Wins this Round!
3. Rangeela Gets a Shock
4. Double Trouble
5. Rangeela is Lost

My Review

I chose to read these books after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I’ve read several children’s book by Gita Reddy and they’ve gotten better and better over the years. The Rangeela Tales are adorable children’s stories about Navjyot and the parrot, Rangeela. For now, Rangeela is staying with Navjyot but he’s made it clear that he’s a free bird, not a pet. Oh, and Rangeela can carry on a conversation!

It’s obvious Rangeela really likes Navjyot because he stays in spite of Robber, the cat that belongs to Nimi, Navjyot’s cousin. Robber is determined to catch Rangeela.

Books one through three are Navjyot and Rangeela’s adventures. I like how they work together. Sometimes Navjyot rescues Rangeela and sometimes it’s the other way around. These are great stories for young children and will encourage them to use their imagination.

About the Author

Gita V.Reddy lives in Hyderabad, India, with her husband and son. She writes fiction for both adults and children. Her books for children are written when she takes a break from writing for adults and vice verca. 

She enjoys thinking up tales of different genres and has written historical fiction, women’s fiction, and recently has made a foray into regency romance.

For children, she has written mysteries, adventure tales, fantasy, science fiction, and also a fable. 
In addition to writing, she is interested in art and has illustrated three picture books. 

Gita Reddy also writes under the pen names of Heera Datta and Jessica Spencer (for regency romance.)

Ms Reddy is a post graduate in Mathematics. In an earlier life that she voluntarily quit in 2011, she was senior manager in a bank. 

To know more about her and her writing journey, please visit her website,