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An enthralling chronicle of two young men – one white, one black – in apartheid South Africa

About the Book

The destinies of two young men in apartheid South Africa become inexorably intertwined in their pursuit of what is right.

Zak Ginsberg is shaped by his parents’ sad histories. Awareness of the Second World War, his Jewishness and the status of the black population slowly infiltrate his consciousness.

Mpande Gumede has spent an idyllic childhood in rustic Zululand. At high school, he realises for the first time, that he is a second-class citizen.

Zak studies the art of saving lives. Mpande pursues the craft of destroying lives. Both are drawn into the anti-apartheid struggle. The one acts because his ancestors were victims, the other because he himself is a victim.

Newspaper and Amazon reviews: 

The Jerusalem Post

”The novel’s epic proportions, sharp political context and Hoffmann’s keen eye for detail make for an engrossing and enlightening read.”

The Jerusalem Report

”Hoffmann…. is a fine writer….

Be warned: This is the kind of book that might cause to you to smile or even laugh as you read it, but it will ultimately make you cry. Once you start reading it, though, you may not be able to put it down.”


”A splendid book which juxtaposes the needs of conscience and one’s place in society.”

”A rare gem fusing literary genres….

(It) does not take us down the beaten path and feed us the same clichés we’ve heard before. Here, novel insights are presented in a beautiful, elegiac language, and a profoundly gripping and genuinely unique ending turns everything on its head.And throughout all of it, heartwarming humor bubbles beneath the surface, making the pain of the characters just a little less terrible to endure…..

I would recommend it to anyone who seeks something more from a novel than just a quick thrill, and who would like to be challenged, emotionally as well as intellectually.”

”A Wonderful Historical Fiction Dealing WithAnti-Apartheid Activism in South Africa”

”Jack Hoffmann has produced a superbly written novel…

This is a subtle, thoughtful work that deserves a wide readership.”

”Riveting….This is a skillfully-written book about two young men in South Africa as their paths cross in pursuit of what is racial equality.”

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An account of a manorial estate in Medieval England

Today, in times of fading borders and challenged national identity, this book celebrates a treasured feature of English Heritage

About the Book

Domestic rebellions and foreign wars, the king’s rule, murder, traitors and execution, crippling debt, arranged marriages of young heirs and heiresses, avoidance of taxes, medieval decrees of inheritance, the black death and famine.  All that and more can be found in a fascinating new book based on the meticulous research of exceptional author Murray Johnston.

While his first book, The Watford Knight’s Fee, will satisfy serious students and enthusiasts of medieval English history, his second opens the door to everyone.  A time machine takes the reader along a fascinating and sometimes wobbly journey with the lords of the manor through 700 years – including, unique in English history, one family for 500 years.

Welcome to the world of manors in medieval England!

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Eustace III: The Rebel

In his later years, King John saw a transition of the Watford manor to Eustace III. His father died well-advanced in years, so Eustace III was no youngster, long since ‘of age’. Although not destined to be lord of Watford for long, Eustace lived through one of the most tumultuous times in English history – the First Baron’s War and the Magna Carta…

John de Ardern, brother of Eustace III, was disappointed to find that the 7 virgates in Watford given to him in his father’s lifetime were mortgaged. His father, Eustace II, had given John’s inheritance as security for a loan from the Jews of Northampton. Eustace II paid 70 shillings annually to the king’s exchequer for the debt, and now the same obligation lay on John’s shoulders. Unfortunately, like his father he was short of cash. Instead, John provided a horse for the king’s use as substitute for his father’s annual payment of 70s, and so the king granted John his lands…

The First Barons War commenced when the barons attacked but failed to take Northampton Castle. Nonetheless, they proceeded to successfully take London. King John was forced to attach his great seal to the Magna Carta in June 1215. But John set aside the Great Charter and the war with the barons continued. Many of the barons, including supporters such as Eustace de Watford, were cast adrift by the king due to their allegiance to the rebel cause.”

About the Author

Murray Johnston is the author of several books on family history venturing as far back as the 16th century. Rediscovering medieval places, events and people became an inseparable part of his life. Exploring connections to an ancient English parish introduced him to the medieval world of manors and the rise and decline of one in particular through seven centuries. Living the adventure of researching more than a thousand documents found in England’s greatest archival institutions gave Murray the basis for his latest book: Give a Manor Take a Manor.

“Give a Manor Take a Manor” is available to purchase in hardback from Amazon UK at:

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About the Book

International Political & Environmental Folly – Edition 7 [issued in early 2019] was started after a two year stint in USA & Canada was completed in 1959.

This publication shows that political organisations are taking too much money from the public and using it incorrectly. The politicians blame the banks for the same reason but it is thought that both are to blame.

The politicians appear to be taking the global warming threat seriously but do not seem to recognise the full story since the physicists who advise the Government appear to have gotten the issue wrong too.

This is a complex matter which is explained in the book entitled above. It is serious matter because eventually & SOON the central black hole of our galaxy, the Milky Way, which has been taking up space matter for millions of years will explode because the temperature and pressure rise with the take up till the system melts…. followed a few milliseconds later by a nuclear explosion.  This will undo the mechanism that holds our galaxy together and chaos will reign, killing all Earth bound life unless….

The book at Edition 7 goes on to explain how to shift the solar system out of ‘OUR GALAXY’ thereby saving the LIFE STOCK of Mother Earth. Of course, that assumes the task is completed before the predicted event takes place.

The author gave up the impossible task of warning Central Government
of the situation that was being built up by local authorities & Central Government in 2007 and bought a property in the Caribbean.  It was then he decided to carry out the seemingly impossible task of getting enough information to halt the ‘progress’ of local authority & Central Government.

This matter was solved by mentally returning to the UK research station that employed the writer as a scientist in charge of the Physics Electronic Section where coating of plastic bodies with a ‘metal skin’ was discussed. Although the BH termination is somewhat different, the writer solved the case of BH’s behaviour from the result of that recalled investigation, and the book developed from that standpoint. The book warns that a serious matter exists unless action is promptly taken.

About the Author

Born in 1925, the author served in The Royal Navy and was loaned to the Royal Canadian Navy during WW2. He and his wife Joan (who has now passed on) have three daughters.  Following demobilization from the Royal Navy, the author studied mathematics, physics, and electronics which were put to use in the USA and Canada. Returning to England, the author settled in Hertfordshire and was employed in research, military, medical, industrial electronics, nucleonics, and avionics. On retiring, the author relocated to Dorset where he obtained his pilot’s license and later his own Cessna Aircraft for recreational use. He also indulged in another hobby, horology. Later still, an attempt to relocate to his Caribbean retreat ended due to ill health. The author underwent spinal surgery in January 2011 and hopes to renew his recreational flying in due course.

International Political & Environmental Folly by Daniel Tissington is available in paperback from Amazon at:

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