Book Review: The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie by Krista Brock

The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is a bedtime story that follows the main character, Calvin, on an adventure into the night with his favorite stuffed animal, Ollie, the owl. They play hide and seek, climb trees, count stars, and have a couple encounters with other animals in the night forest.The story has been written, but the illustrations are incomplete. Young readers are presented with a backdrop for their own visual imagination. They get to draw Calvin and Ollie (and other nocturnal critters) themselves. 

The hope is that children will enjoy the experience of engaging in the story and having their own keepsake book for which they were the illustrator. In addition to enjoying the experience, drawing is known to support reading comprehension by pushing children to visualize what they are reading and understand it more fully. 

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This is a cute story about Calvin and his owl friend, Ollie. Calvin isn’t ready to go to sleep so they go exploring outside all night. When the sun starts to come up, it’s time for Ollie to go to sleep but now he’s not ready!

The unique thing about The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is that each page has an illustrated background, and the reader can add any illustrations from more background to Calvin and Ollie. What a fun way to encourage creativity in children!

About the Author

Krista Brock has 11 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, six and a half years of experience as a mother, and nearly a lifetime of experience dabbling in the arts. She has Bachelor’s degrees in both journalism and art and has served as managing editor of two magazines and as a contributing writer to many more. She recently decided to combine all her experiences to create a new kind of picture book for creative children, one that allows children to enjoy the journey of reading with the joy of creating. Her debut picture book, The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is an illustrate-it-yourself adventure. 

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    Thank you for this nice review! I appreciate being featured on your wonderful blog!

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      You’re welcome! I enjoy sharing about books, especially ones like yours that are amazing!


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