Book Review: A Picture-Purrfect Christmas by Patricia Fry

A spellbinding story of love, hope, and a child’s innocent Christmas dreams. When Savannah Ivey agrees to teach photography to a group of at-risk children, she doesn’t expect a sweet-spirited little crippled girl to steal her heart and become an important part of her family. Even Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, is captivated by the child named Marissa. When she goes missing, everyone, including Rags, experiences the pain of loss.

Detective Craig Sledge fears that Marissa’s unscrupulous, non-custodial father may be behind her disappearance and the search escalates into high gear. When even a pack of rescue dogs can’t find the child, the detective turns to Rags and everyone prays for a Christmas miracle. Can Rags succeed where the others have failed?

While this story involves some intense drama, it will also make you smile and even laugh out loud. Bring out the tissues for the beautiful ending. A Picture-Purrfect Christmas is one of those feel-good holiday stories you’ll want to read over and over again.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This is the first Klepto Cat Mystery I’ve ever read. It stands on its own so even though it’s #13, I had no problem.

Savannah helps her friend Shelley teach a photography class to troubled children. She becomes close to Marissa, a girl in foster care who has had a troubled life. When Marissa disappears, no one, including Detective Craig Sledge, is sure where to begin searching because there are so many possibilities: her deadbeat father, her foster parents, their nephews, or maybe someone else…

Although this book deals with abuse and kidnapping, it’s a sweet and light-hearted read for the most part. The animals make it even sweeter. Rags is the star animal: he’s a cat who seems to have more than good intuition. He’s super smart. The Iveys’ other animals are amusing too.

I’m glad I finally got to read one of these books. I have three Christmas Klepto Cat Mysteries to read, so my next read will be #22, A Christmas to Purr About.

About the Author

Patricia has been writing for publication for over 40 years, having been fortunate enough to establish a career doing what she loves. Hundreds–maybe thousands–of her articles have appeared in over 500 different publications and she has published books on a variety of topics–grandparenting, local history, youth mentoring, journaling and many aspects of publishing and book promotion. After years of writing nonfiction, in 2012, she decided to branch out and try writing fiction and the Klepto Cat Mysteries were created.
The Klepto Cat Mysteries feature Rags, an ordinary cat with a most extraordinary habit–he’s a kleptomaniac. Currently, Patricia is producing anywhere from three to five books per year in both ebook format and in print. Read the Klepto Cat Mysteries and you’ll laugh, you’ll sit on the edge of your chair in suspense, and you’ll smile at the good-feeling you’re left with when you finish each book in the series.