Book Review: Wings & Broken Things by Trixie Silvertale

A crime with no eyewitnesses. A determined psychic sleuth. Will her search for clues take her where angels fear to tread?

Mitzy Moon is eager to test her expanding abilities. Although she’d love to look into the hit-and-run that struck down her favorite veterinarian, leads are slim to none. And before she can suss out a single tip, the advances of a charming green-eyed stranger provide a dangerous distraction.

Desperate for any hint, she goes undercover at the high school and lands on the wrong side of the law by lunch. And her “get out of jail free card” comes with the help of her meddling Grams, an interfering feline, and her alchemically inclined attorney. But when a gypsy curse puts her powers on the fritz, she may not be able to save everyone…

Can Mitzy juggle dating and sleuthing, or will a hex knock off more than her halo?

Wings and Broken Things is the third book in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, Mitzy Moon Mysteries. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural misfits, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s twisty whodunits


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I read Fries & Alibis and Tattoos & Clues, the first two books in this series, and I really enjoyed them, so I was happy to read this book when it was available.

Mitzy Moon’s vet is a victim of a hit-and-run and, as usual, she’s determined to find out what happened. She has no leads to start with, but with a little help from her growing abilities and her amazing cat Pyewacket, she is able to begin her investigation.

Mitzy hasn’t been in town long since she inherited her grandmother’s bookstore, but she’s viewed as a local rather than an outsider. She’s finally found a home. It’s too bad her grandmother had to die before she finds a place to call home, but at least she’s getting to know Grams in her ghostly form.

The characters in this book are great. Mitzy is independent yet she appreciates it when her Grams sets boundaries. Grams in the ghost form is funny and must have been a force of nature when she was alive. The two men in Mitzy’s life are completely different. Rory makes it known that he wants Mitzy, but there’s something about him…I can’t believe she likes him as much as she does! The sheriff, on the other hand, hasn’t even asked her out, but she flirts with him endlessly, and he seems like a good guy. Much better than the sketchy Rory!

These books are quick and fun reads. I enjoyed Wings & Broken Things and definitely recommend it, as well as the other books in the series. I can’t wait for the next Mitzy Moon mystery!

Trailer for the first book

About the Author

Trixie Silvertale grew up reading an endless supply of Lillian Jackson Braun, Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew novels. She loves the amateur sleuths in cozy mysteries and is obsessed with all things paranormal. Those two passions unite in her Mitzy Moon Mysteries, and she’s thrilled to write them and share them with you.

When she’s not consumed by writing, she bakes to fuel her creative engine and tends to her herb garden.