Book Review: Brain Teasers for Adults by Marcel Danesi

Give your brain a test. Give your eyes a rest.

Looking for a way to keep your brain on its toes? Well, there is nothing more mentally stimulating or fun than good old-fashioned brain teasers. And since everyday life doesn’t throw perplexing riddles at us very often, Brain Teasers for Adults offers a variety of tricky, yet “doable” puzzles to help build your logic, math, and wordplay.

The unique skills derived from solving brain teasers helps put you in a better position to resolve important problems from work to daily life. Go in order of difficulty or skip around―the decision is yours! Solve all 75 brain teasers and stand tall, knowing you have outsmarted the puzzle-maker himself.

Inside Brain Teasers for Adults, you’ll find:

  • Choose your difficulty―Moving from simple Duck Soup Puzzles to Head Scratchers, engage your brain on different levels, with each riddle labeled by difficulty.
  • 5 Categories―Filled with brain teasers categories such as Wordplay, Logic, Card puzzles, and more are meant to stimulate your thoughts in different ways.
  • Clues to use―An optional clues section has been provided for each question in case a little extra help is needed!

Time to discover how fun and rewarding puzzle-solving can be with Brain Teasers for Adults!


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from Callisto Publishing. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

One of the reasons I got this book was because it’s large print and it’s easy on my eyes. I’ve always liked to do puzzles, and a plus is that different kinds of puzzles help my brain fight dementia.

Brain Teasers for Adults is separated into three sections by difficulty. I found it interesting that I breezed through the first section until I got to the riddles, which I’ve always had trouble with, and I had to really think about those. As the levels increased by difficulty, I had to spend a little more time on each puzzle. Fun and learning! My favorite way to pass the time.

Before the answers in the back of the book, there is a section with clues for each puzzle, so if you get stuck, you can look at the clues before giving up.

If you enjoy doing puzzles, Brain Teasers for Adults is for you. If you don’t have experience doing puzzles, maybe this is the book to start with since it starts easy and gets more difficult AND it has clues to help you. It’s always good to give your brain a new challenge.