Book Review & Giveaway: Clown William and the Wind of Vengeance by Robin Elno

Clown William and the Wind of Vengeance by Robin Elno

Publisher: IngramElliott Publishing (December 1, 2019)
Category: Historical Fiction, Western
Tour dates: February, 2020
ISBN: 978-1732843639
Available in Print and ebook, 218 pages

 Clown William and the Wind of Vengeance

A reluctant 1870s gunslinger with Tourette’s and a quick draw . . .

While the battle for Lincoln, New Mexico, rages on, William is consumed by his own war against Jesse Evans, the man he blames for the loss of his friends and the start of his life as a gunfighter.

But when William finds Jesse at his most vulnerable—jailed with a gunshot wound—he can’t justify pulling the trigger. A gunfight must be fair.

William braves hostile military territory to orchestrate his archenemy’s release—only to discover he has become the prime target for an army of bounty-motivated gunslingers.

The hunter is now the hunted—and William must weigh whether revenge will give him the peace of mind he has been seeking.

Can William defeat his internal tornado before he becomes one of its victims?


Guest Review by Sol A.

The Clown William novels by Robin Elno are a fantastic guilty pleasure. Part Western/part Thriller, the writing is tight, compelling, dramatic and at times even amusing and romantic.

Reading this book, I really felt like I’d been plunged headfirst into the Old West. I could practically smell the horses and hear the sharp gunshots echoing through the trees. William is an excellent, complex character. He is a man who suffers from Tourette syndrome and, therefore, creates a very interesting and varied character. He has been through a lot of struggle in his life; living in such a different time with different views on his disorder than we, thankfully, have today.
I felt like he was a much more dynamic and layered character than your typical laconic Western outlaw who is only there to shoot people and deliver one-liners. I really connected with William and felt for the character a lot.

Being the third book in the series, the story hinged around William’s already developed story line with his nemesis, Jesse, the man who previously killed his friends and began him on the path to being a gunfighter and an outlaw. William and Jesse square off in a gunfight at the beginning of the novel, but Jesse manages to escape and William later finds him being held in jail at Fort Sumner. Of course, William is too moral to kill an unarmed man and decides that he must free his worst enemy from prison before he can fight him fairly.

If this is an example of Robin Elno’s Westerns, color me intrigued. I definitely want to find out more about William and his world.
I had a really great time reading this! Without spoiling the ending of the book, I can’t wait to find out what happens next! This one should definitely be added to your ‘to read’ list, asap.

Praise for the Clown Williams series

“I couldn’t put this book down. The premise is brilliant: What happens when a peaceful man is given the gift of violence?
Clown William is an unwilling hero whose life is full of ironies he can’t escape. He doesn’t have control over his tics, yet he was born with astonishing control over a gun. He wants a peaceful life, but in every town William comes to, rogues force him to defend himself with violence.
The plot moves briskly, the characters are complex and well-drawn, and the writing style is lively and pops with poeticism. Clown William comes highly recommended.”-Greendancer, Amazon Review

“Robin Elno gives a fresh twist to the classic Old West gunslinger. His reluctant antihero with Tourette Syndrome just happens to be the fastest gun around despite his tics – which makes him a constant target of bullies and miscreants. This fast-paced story keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. The book is sure to satisfy everyone from the casual fiction reader to the most ardent Western aficionado. The first book in a series, I am eager to read the next installments.”-Tom M., Amazon Review

“A quick read, packed full of action, challenges, twists and turns and surprises. The characters are well developed and engaging. Mr. Elno manages to present William as a strong man and his challenges in a realistic, sensitive way, his handicap does not hold him back. The reader will be drawn into this story and held in awe as you follow William’s journey. An enjoyable and satisfying read. I look forward to reading more of Clown William’s adventures.”-April, My Book Addiction and More

Awards & Recognition

About the Author

Robin Elno is a retired army colonel, semiretired psychiatrist, and full-time author. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he is an active member of the San Antonio Writers’ Guild. Elno’s Clown William series was inspired by the work of neurologist Oliver Sacks, who wrote about the unusual speed and accuracy often displayed by people with Tourette’s syndrome. Intrigued by the idea that strengths can rise from differences, Elno created the unique and compelling character of Clown William. Elno’s novels are often set against true historical backdrops like the Wild West.



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