Audiobook Review: Daisy McDare & the Deadly Legal Affair by K.M. Morgan

Welcome to Cozy Creek, a quaint tourist town nestled along the Pacific Coast.

Daisy McDare is busy nursing a broken heart, trying to build up her interior decorator business, and baking cookies when murder strikes Cozy Creek.

At first she leaves the investigation to Chris Crumple, the local bumbling police detective. But when Crumple arrests the wrong suspect, Daisy takes the investigation into her own hands.

Cracking the case won’t be easy. She’ll need help from her pastry-baking best friend Samantha, her wise-cracking Granny Annie, and her trusty West Highland Terrier Shamus.

It’s up to Daisy McDare to find the murderer in Cozy Creek before they strike again.

My Review

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free audio copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Daisy McDare & the Deadly Legal Affair is more of a novella with a listening time of a little over 3 hours. It’s the second book in the Daisy McDare cozy mystery series.

Daisy is an interior decorator and once again finds herself trying to solve a murder after taking on a new job at a legal firm. It’s not something she really wants to do, but she can’t let an innocent person go to jail. The story is pretty straightforward, and there aren’t any big surprises.

Poor Daisy is feeling a bit lonely after a messy break-up and when she meets Gavin, she’s hoping that may turn into something. Gavin has just broken up with someone, though, and it’s apparent he’s not quite ready to start dating yet.

The narrator, Caroline Shively, was good. Her pronunciation is great and timing were good.

I recommend Daisy McDare & the Deadly Legal Affair to anyone who likes cozy mysteries and quick reads.

About the Author

K.M. Morgan loves baking, crafts, cute cat videos, and reading mysteries.

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