Book Review: Only the Hardest Puzzles by Willa Chen

135 Hair-pulling puzzles to boost your brainpower―they’ll blow your mind!

Complex crosswords, cryptic cryptograms, unsolvable Sudoku―they’re all here to confound and delight you! Unlike other puzzle books for adults, Only the Hardest Puzzles presents the broadest selection of absolute brain busters that makes solving super challenging and super entertaining―even for seasoned puzzle fanatics.

Featuring dozens of epic head-scratchers, Only the Hardest Puzzles goes above and beyond other puzzle books for adults by giving you the most amazing assortment of games to master. You’ll also boost your memory and mood while having tons of fun.

This standout among puzzle books for adults features:

Level up―Put your problem-solving skills to the ultimate test with three epic levels of difficulty, including warm-up, tough, and hard-core challenges.
Excellent variety―This top choice in puzzle books for adults delivers a wide range of baffling games, including cryptograms, kakuros, word searches, and more.
Easy to read, hard to solve―Clear, well-designed pages keep this brain-bending book fun and engaging for hours.
Only the Hardest Puzzles isn’t like other puzzle books for adults; it’s a real challenge.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I’ve always enjoyed puzzles of all different kinds, so I thought this would be a fun book to try. I’m not quite sure “fun” is the right word because these puzzles really tax my brain! I will be working on the puzzles in this book for a long time.

There are a variety of puzzles: crosswords, word searches, sudokus, calcudokus, kakuros, cryptograms. Some are separated into warm-up, tough, and hard-core. They’re all hard, though!

Even the word searches, which I haven’t done in years because they’re always too easy for me, are difficult. You’re given clues to the words you’re searching for and some of the puzzles don’t have straight line words but snaking words!

If you’re looking for challenging puzzles, this is definitely the puzzle book you’re looking for. This is not one I’ll complete in a few days, and I can’t wait to get back to it.