New Release: The Story of a Cockney Kid by R.S. Lawrence

A real-life story about growing up in England before & after World War II

About the Book

This is a story of a boy born in the 1930s when poverty was the ordinary way of life. The boy was the first-born child of a young couple living in the dock area of Poplar. 

Among the first children evacuated from London when war was declared, the child’s education suffered once in a country school. The usual path for boys during the war was to leave school and work on a farm, but this boy had a burning desire to join the RAF.  He worked hard at school and paid close attention to the progress of the war.  Shortly after the war ended he passed necessary exams and set off for a new life in the RAF.

This is that boy’s story.

Excerpt from the book

“Every evening, Jamie listened to the radio and made notes in his diary.

The bad weather had continued throughout January, and February was only a little better.  March was on its way, with high winds.  The weather was just a little better.  The frosts just didn’t last as long.  Although it was still cold, there was no snow to freeze over at night.

Going to school every morning, Jamie never looked forward to the exercise session as it always made him hungry and he would have to wait until midday before he could have his sandwich.

March was moving on.  The news reported that the RAF had bombed the town of Essen.  It had destroyed most of the town, mainly Krupp’s munitions factory.  The raid must have been successful.  The RAF had no losses to their bombers.

It was a Saturday and Jamie was sitting on part of a wall in the foundations of the bombsite next door.  He was just musing about school and things that had happened since leaving the farm and how life had changed so much, looking around the site.  Although it was still chilly, Jamie didn’t mind, as a new spring was on its way.  He noticed some green shoots around the edge of the bomb crater.  Jamie went for a closer inspection, to find that the shoots looked as if they were flower shoots.  Jamie just had to tell Mary of his find, and ask if she wanted him to dig them up.  Mary told Jamie to leave them, as they must have been in the garden before the bomb and they had survived.”




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This book is a must have as it tells the story of Jamie and growing up before and during WWII. I learned a lot about this era and would interest those who enjoy stories of kids in London, those interested in history or older people who may remember this time.

It’s a good read for students wanting to read about those growing up in England during the 1930s and up until after WWII.

Make a terrific birthday or Christmas gift.



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