Book Review: Will You Give Me Your Toy? by Abigail Faure

Max the Fox wants to have all the toys in the forest. He doesn’t like to share his own things and takes others’ toys. When everyone turns away from the little fox cub, he starts thinking of what’s going on. Will Max solve the issue? Which way will he choose? And finally, will he find friends among animals whose toys he took?

This is an educational and inspirational book on manners and mannerisms for little kids, starring animals we are excited about. 3-5-year old children are just at the age when they need to develop communication skills. This is the age when one needs to learn considering not only their own desires, but also the needs of others.

You might enjoy the book even in an older age thanks to an evergreen social story and bright cute illustrations. You will meet friends and foes, animals nobody loves and ones who impress everyone, and make sure – friendship is magic! Even adults should realize these basic truths for children’s sake.

Take this adventure together with Max – one of the foxes kids who wants to get friends like these cute little animals in the Green forest.

What’s more, the book contains an entertaining bonus – an extra game for attentive kids. 😉


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Max is a cute little fox who has a lot of toys but he doesn’t want to share them. In fact, he hoards everyone else’s toys as well. He soon realizes that it’s not so fun to have all those toys when you can’t play with them with others.

The lesson of sharing is so important! Will You Give Me Your Toy? is a good way to help teach children about sharing. It also has cute illustrations with bright colors that will keep a young child’s attention. This would definitely be a good addition to a child’s library.

About the Author

The youngest from five children, a little dreamer, and future tales author grew up in the town of Ellsworth, Maine. She started her career by telling stories to her neighbors and friends, then started writing them on paper. Next, Abigail tried herself as a journalist and after almost eight years of a successful career decided to switch to her hobby.

The main reason for that was her family – husband and two daughters with whom she lives in Portland now. They have two adopted cats, so animals and children are the main characters of Abby’s books.

Abigail considers her main mission to make this world more kind and comfortable for everyone. She believes that kindness should be nurtured from the very childhood. So, books are the way to convey this bright thought to even the youngest kids.