Book Review: Secret Doors: The Challenge by Brian D. Meeks

What if a girl who lost everything met a boy who had nothing? How might it change their lives?

For Abby and Stevie it’s the start of their Thanksgiving break. Abby’s foster family has left her behind, locked in their home with nothing but TV dinners and the walls for company. She has a plan, though, and a friend in Stevie that will make the weekend an adventure.
There ‘s more in store than she could possibly imagine.

Life can be challenging, especially when you’re twelve. For Abby and Stevie, the true challenge waits behind a tiny door at the back of Mr. Kim’s store. When Stevie tries their secret knock (as a joke, because the door is only big enough for a mouse), they are magically taken to a strange place where a room full of kids await selection.

The Challenge, which has taken place all over the world, every year for the last thousand, is for a special group of children. It‘s a test of team work, cleverness, and willingness to trust. For Abby, Stevie and their new friends, it is much more because there are those behind the scenes who are not playing fair.

It will be a grand adventure that, if they survive, will change their lives forever.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Abby and Stevie quickly become good friends when she moves in with her foster family. Her life is hard because they don’t treat her well, and Stevie lives at an orphanage. Abby misses her parents, of course, but Stevie’s friendship and positive attitude help a lot.

One day they stumble on a tiny door and decide to give it a try. Not only do they make it through the door but they embark upon an adventure that will change their lives.

They’re not alone though. Their group also includes George, Jo, and Cindy, all of whom have their own special gifts. Even though the children come from completely different lifestyles, they learn to work together along the way. Is it possible that they’ve made new best friends? And will they make it through The Challenge? It doesn’t look good when they end up facing challenges they weren’t supposed to face!

A short but fun read that middle school age children are bound to enjoy.

About the Author

Brian D. Meeks is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Economics. He is the author of the Henry Wood Detective Series, a satire series, Underwood, Scotch, and Wry, and has some stand alone YA, a science fiction series, and in 2019 is working on a 10 book Epic Fantasy series.

He lives on the Las Vegas strip.

And really loves people who post pictures of guinea pigs on Facebook.

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