Book Review: Birthday Gift for a Girl: Meeting a Unicorn by Amanda Evans

Four-year-old Darcie’s bedroom is filled with unicorn posters, pillow-covers and toys, but she still hasn’t seen a unicorn in real life!

In the meantime, the next best thing is her beloved pony, Sable, who she loves very much.

Together, Darcie and Sable go riding, picnicking and swimming…but Sable doesn’t sparkle, or have wings!

As her 5th birthday approaches, Darcie decides to wish for a special present: a real-life unicorn. But when the day of Darcie’s birthday arrives, she receives a surprise more magical than she could ever have imagined!

Will Darcie’s unicorn dreams come true?

A Birthday Gift for a Girl is a fun and engaging story that highlights the value of friendship, being yourself and dreaming big. With a focus on important life lessons, gratitude and self-confidence, this delightful rhyming picture book will captivate young children with its magical illustrations and heart-warming moral of the story.

Includes fun and educational post-reading questions, discussions and activities for parents and caregivers to enjoy with their children. Improve literacy, explore key themes and create fun crafts for loved ones together!

BONUS! This book comes with a FREE coloring book of the characters! Available in digital format.

Perfect for ages 3+


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

All Darcie wants for her birthday is a unicorn. She has a beautiful pony named Sable, but Darcie still wants a unicorn. She is thrilled when her dream comes true and a unicorn comes into her room on her birthday morning. The first thing she wants to do is introduce the unicorn to Sable. What she finds is the best surprise of all!

This adorable story rhymes and the illustrations are bright and colorful, almost magical. Best of all, it teaches about friendship and gratitude. What a wonderful way to teach important life lessons!

About the Author

Amanda grew up loving books of all kinds and she is so happy to spend life writing books that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Amanda finds that life is a series of wanderings and likes sharing her thoughts with the world.