Book Review: The Amazing Journey of the Little Sunny Tiger by Felisa Dor

We grow out of our familiar environment, we want to experience new emotions, new experiences and new adventures.
And we leave our usual “meadow” and go travel to make our dreams a reality and catch the rainbow! And in the process, we make new friends,
learn something new and gain experience.
The main character of this book – a cute tiger cub Sunny went on a trip to find out whether it is possible to catch the rainbow.
He wanted to find out what is hidden there, beyond his little meadow.
But on the way he, of course, meets new friends. In the first story it will be  Franklin the Frog, who teaches the tiger lessons about being unique and loving yourself.
Throughout the book, Sunny Tiger teaches us about the importance of friendships and family, the significance of hard work and personal acceptance, and the fact that it is okay to show emotions.

As you read the book, you will travel through beautiful flower valleys, you will visit a pond and learn how to make circles on the water, and you will jump high in the tall grass with your new friends. Discover this new and amazing world with different animals that will make you laugh, seek adventure, play, be surprised, have fun and so on!

With gorgeous illustrations and a heartwarming story, this kind book, first published in Latvia, shows the importance of friendship, helping others and acceptance.
It can be read by kids of all ages, everyone will find something they love about it!
And specially for your child we’ve included coloring book (page) with our cute heroes.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Sunny Tiger is bored in his little area of the jungle, so when he sees a rainbow, he wants to find the end of it. On his way, he sees many new things and when he stops for a drink of water, he meets Franklin the frog. Sunny and Franklin become quick friends and have a good time together counting the ripples in the water. What an interesting pair they make: a tiger and a frog! It’s a good way to teach children that it’s okay to be different.

The illustrations in this story are colorful and will keep the attention of young readers. I liked the idea of learning to make new friends and trying new things, although I’m not sure that Sunny’s parents would be too thrilled with him wandering so far. đŸ™‚

From the introduction, it looks like Sunny will be continuing his adventure and experiencing new things, which will be fun for children. Also, you can download a page to color!

About the Author

My name is Felisa Dor. I am a primary school teacher and I began my writing career with publishing educational books for children. Then I began publishing poems, stories, and whole series of tales for children. I have won several awards for children’s literature.
My works have been translated into several languages and are very popular within kindergarten teachers.