Book Review: The Guided Dream Journal by Katherine Olivetti

Dreams are an invaluable window into our lives. They can lead to a burst of creativity, shed light on a challenging relationship, or reveal a deeper understanding of a difficult situation. Your dreams often know you better than you know yourself. The Guided Dream Journal will help you learn how to keep a dream journal and work with your dreams.

This engaging journal helps you record, explore, and reflect on the themes and symbols that appear in your nightly visions. From helping you remember a long-forgotten memory to solving a seemingly impossible problem, there are so many answers in our dreams that can help us understand our waking life―learn how to interpret them.

The Guided Dream Journal includes:

  • Dream variety―Learn about the different types of dreams like lucid, recurring, nightmares, and others, and discover how knowing the storyline, pattern, and genre of your dream can help you determine its deeper meaning.
  • Dream escort―Supportive prompts show you how to pinpoint signs, track insights, and keep a record of your breakthroughs over time.
  • In the know―Use the dream dictionary to better understand and interpret 100 of the most common symbols, settings, colors, animals, and more that show up in dreams.

When you want to discover and understand the significance of your dreams, The Guided Dream Journal is your go-to resource.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I’ve always been interested in dreams especially after a weird dream I had came true. Since then, I’ve been wanting something to help me discover how to interpret my dreams. It seems to me that a journal makes sense, and this journal is a great resource.

First, it explains dream interpretation and how to use the book. Next is the journal section which has a lot of blank pages to write and many questions (just a couple each day) to help you explore and reflect on your dreams. You will also now have a log of your dreams if you need to go back to find one. Since I have an e-copy of the book, I have a notebook I use to record my dreams, but I have to keep going back to the e-book for the questions. The last section helps you interpret your dreams and even has a small dream dictionary.

If you have an interest in learning more about your dreams, this is definitely a great resource that guides you through the process. I will continue to use it for a long time.

About the Author

Katherine Olivetti has remembered her dreams since she was a child, and has been recording them since early adulthood. She was born in New York City, the eldest of six children. She grew up in the suburbs of Manhattan and went to Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, a private college for women in Purchase, New York. She began her studies as a mathematics major, but switched to French, and later studied psychology as a graduate student. Katherine is a Jungian analyst and writer who earned her graduate degrees from Columbia University and completed psychoanalytic training at the C. G. Jung Institute of New York, where she became its president. She completed family therapy training at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, completed the Institutes of Religion and Health’s program in pastoral counseling, a year-long course at Stanford University on the mind and the brain, and a leadership program with the Coach Training Institute. She taught and supervised at Yale Medical School, and the C. G. Jung Institutes of New York, San Francisco, and Catania, Sicily. From 2012-2018 she was the Editor-in-chief of Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche and conducts an online seminar on writing and editing for Jungian analysts. She has lectured and written about dream work, clinical process, creativity, spirituality, writing and editing. When she is not working as a psychoanalyst, Katherine loves to cook, spend time with her family, and hang out with her nine year old Australian Shepherd, Patch.

Katherine maintains a private psychotherapy and psychoanalysis practice in Atherton, California and a website and blog at: