Book Review: Atalan Adventures by Richard Brewin

Whilst staying at her grandma’s during the school holidays, Isla discovers a mystical-looking book which transports her off to the magical land of Atalan. On her arrival, she meets the Unkerdunkies, a tribe of elf-like people who live in the forest. Two of the Unkerdunkies, Fartybubble and Oliver, befriend Isla and help her in her quest to find a way home. What follows is an exciting adventure through Atalan as the trio find themselves chased by dragon-like creatures, encounter giant trolls and battle vicious goblins.

Will Isla be able to find a way back home and return to her family?


My Review

I chose to review this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

What an awesome book for children! Atalan Adventures has all of the elements of an exciting and adventurous fantasy. It is fast-paced so children won’t get bored, and the humor is the type that children will definitely enjoy. I have to admit that even as a grandma, there were times I got tickled. How can you not laugh at a main character named Fartybubble?

Atalan Adventures will encourage children to use their imaginations in a world filled with strange animals, a magical wizard, and characters who become both friends and foes to Isla, Fartybubble, and Oliver. Although Isla grows to care for her new friends, all she really wants to do is go home.

I definitely recommend this exciting adventure through Atalan. Children will be on the edge of their seats wondering if Isla is going to make it home.

About the Author

Richard Brewin has spent most of his working life within the health and fitness industry. He also has a passion for writing and after years of toying with the idea of writing a book, he has now completed his first children’s fantasy fiction. Inspired by and written for his children, Richard decided to get it published after receiving tremendous feedback from those that read it. Children’s fiction is the genre he enjoys the most and hopes to publish many more titles in the future.