Book Review: Dog Haiku by James Weir

A dog is a man’s (or woman’s) best friend. No companion is more loyal, more trust-worthy, and more devoted. They won’t judge you. They’ll love you if you’re rich, or if you’re poor. They love you when you’re happy, and when you’re sad. They’re always glad to see you. They won’t make fun of your clothes.But getting there isn’t always easy. Remember house-training? The chewing? The vet bills? The messes you had to clean up?Join us as we use funny haikus to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs. Get the human’s perspective, then get the dog’s response back. Bet you never thought about what they think about you. You’ll be surprised.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I read Coronavirus Haiku by James Weir a month or so ago and enjoyed it, so when he offered this book and Cat Haiku, I was happy to read a copy. Dog Haiku has a great format: a haiku from the human’s point of view followed by a haiku from the dog about the same subject. Some are cute and some are laugh out loud funny! A couple examples (I had a hard time picking just two):

Dog eats everything
Especially likes his cheese
Cheddar makes him nuts

Cheese! Cheese! I LOVE CHEESE!
You give me cheese and I will
Kiss you forever!


Dog drinks from toilet
He thinks it is a fountain
Like he’s ‘raised by wolves’

Dad sits on toilet
That’s not how the fountain works
My dad is silly

One of our dogs is exactly like that with cheese. This is my favorite book of haiku that I received from James Weir. I definitely recommend Dog Haiku.

About the Author

When he’s not busy being a poet (and we use the term poet very loosely here), James Weir is a small animal veterinarian. In addition to clinical practice, he holds graduate degrees in pathology and in public health. He has also worked as a stand-up comedian. He has been published before, but mostly boring science crap. He has four works of funny haikus listed on Amazon, and is currently writing a book of funny stories from his 30 years in veterinary practice.