Book Review: The Day Teo Put His Toys Away by Laura Lane

Full of color with wonderful illustrations this book draw you into the story about cute small bear.
The main lessons of the story to teach children to help parents, to tidy up their toys and to keep their rooms clean.

Every page of this book provides parents with advice how to teach their children to be responsible and organized.

This cute story is intended to be read aloud to kids 3-5 years old.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Teo is a little bear who loves to play with his many toys, but when it comes time to put them away, he procrastinates. His parents come up with a great way to not only get him to clean up his toys, but they teach him that there are consequences to his actions (or non-action).

I love children’s books that teach a lesson and have a good story. I can see parents going a stop further and saying, “You don’t want to lose your toys like Teo almost did, do you?” What a great tool!

The Day Teo Put His Toys Away teaches a great lesson in a creative way, it has a cute story, and the illustrations on every page are vibrant and colorful.

About the Author

Laura Lane is writer and creator of children’s books. She is a wife, PhD and mother of two energetic boys who love books. She has been writing since she was in University. Firstly she writes scientific literature but then she became inspired to start writing and illustrating children books. She saw a need for a book that can help nurture the key traits in children: trust, patience, responsibility, empathy, self-reliance.
She loves kids and tries to spread messages of love, faith, hope, health, and happiness. She hopes that her stories help children to become the best that they can be.
When she isn’t writing she is baking amazing pies or traveling to new places together with husband and kids!