Book Review: Sleep Better by Greg Parry PhD

Better sleep equals better health, more energy, longer life and a major boost to your wellbeing! Wow! All that from just closing your eyes and sleeping? No. Not just any old sleep. We’re here to talk about great sleep and that’s something altogether different. One of the vital subjects that we just don’t discuss these days – it’s the importance of rest, sleep and recharging the batteries every single night.

Sleep – or the lack of sleep – affects everything we do.

So many of us just don’t get enough sleep. We wake up like zombies and struggle through the day, drinking coffee and energy drinks to pep ourselves up, sleep-walking through the day and dreaming of one day getting some decent rest. It isn’t our fault. We live in a high pressure world with constant stress and pressure. And nobody gives lessons on how to sleep well. We just assume that it’s something that either happens. Or it doesn’t. Maybe it’s luck.

Maybe it isn’t because we’re here to show you exactly how to master your sleep experience and make it a normal, regular and effective part of every single day. You’ll discover how to use your sleep to become…

…..More Successful,
…..More Creative,
…..More resistant to stress.

You’ll learn how to master the simple techniques and make them a regular part of your daily routines. You’ll soon find yourself on the pathway to better sleep and a whole new experience of being wide awake and alive during the day.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This book interested me because I’ve been an insomniac for many years, and I’ve tried just about everything, so why not see if there are new ideas here? While the ideas aren’t new, they’re presented in a different way.

It begins with the physiology of sleep and then describes the different categories people fall into. Then there are the techniques to help improve sleep. They include having a nighttime ritual, going to bed and getting up at the same time every night, making your sleeping environment more sleep friendly, and using relaxation techniques to help you drift off to sleep. He takes the relaxation techniques one stop further and teaches ways to remember the significance of your dreams, encourage your own creativity, and more.

I haven’t tried any of this yet, but it looks encouraging, and I will try once more to change my sleep habits.

About the Author

What makes a person successful? What lifts an ambitious individual from the tide of mediocrity to the heights of excellence? These were some of the questions that drew me to the field of Corporate Psychology and Management and a lifetime of study that would eventually lead to a PhD, twelve best-selling titles and a series of close encounters with a group of truly exceptional individuals. My mission is to help and inspire people to experience the bounty of real wealth and success, whatever their chosen profession.

Those meetings, partly arranged round my research, partly round my expanding business and writing interests, led to further introductions and an elite group of entrepreneurs who had created wealth that was worth more than a billion dollars. These were real-life, self-made success stories and I was extremely fortunate to work with these people and to receive the benefits of being mentored by them.

The lessons learned in their company were simply priceless. Their knowledge and experience, their values and integrity proved to be uniquely inspirational and enabled me to apply their principles as I eventually assumed the role of mentor to individuals and corporations on three continents. The fact is we never stop learning and as we share the benefits of these insights, methods and techniques, we reinforce and integrate the meaning of these powerful messages into our own lives every single day. Because the methods work so well.