Book Review: Seducing Excel by Sofia Santiago, MBA

This book is a compilation of tricks and time-saving techniques that will impress even the most advanced users. Take your game to the next level by reading it cover to cover, or use it as a reference.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I got this book several years ago from the author and hadn’t realized that I never reviewed it! I use it as a reference often when I’m using Excel. It has a lot of “quickies” that making using it easier. There are a lot of tools in Excel that I don’t have time to look for and sometimes know I’ve used but don’t remember exactly how…that’s where Seducing Excel comes in handy.

The presentation of Seducing Excel is quirky and funny at times, I’m sure to make it more alluring for people to read. It’s so full of information, though, it isn’t really necessary. I’ve used Excel for years for my small business, and this book has saved me a lot of time with its shortcuts and different ways to do things. It’s a great reference!

I recommend reading the entire book once and then keeping it to use as a reference.

About the Author

My passion for spreadsheets dates from the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth (like in the 80s). That’s when I started teaching people cool time-saving techniques and jaw-dropping tricks. As of today, thousands of people have attended the seminars I’ve delivered to my own clients, and to the general public as a contractor for Skillpath Seminars and for Fred Pryor Seminars. I am a cybernetics engineer with an MBA in marketing, and I’m Microsoft Certified as an Excel 2010 Expert.