Book Review: The Little Green Jacket by Jodi Dee

Written by multi-award winning Author Jodi Dee and in partnership with Planet Aid. The Little Green jacket a story based on true events about a little green jacket that travels through the lives of different children, who live in very different places, and ends up on the other side of the world after a natural disaster. Find out how the little green jacket experiences being a donation and the importance, power, and magic of giving! A true all-American classic that showcases the culture of donations and how it can change lives, and how your simple acts of donation change the world.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

The Little Green Jacket is a children’s story that shows how many lives can be touched by just one item through donations. The little green jacket starts out with a boy named Mike and warms several boys and girls until it is finally donated to Planet Aid and helps a girl on the other side of the world where a hurricane has devastated the area.

Through this story, children can learn about the importance of a simple donation. Whenever the jacket “talks” there’s a picture of the jacket next to the text which is green and italicized. The illustrations are black and white except for the bright green jacket which reminds the reader the importance of the donated jacket.

To add a little fun to the book, there are 20 recycling symbols for children to find. The Little Green Jacket is a book that children will enjoy, and anyone who likes to Seek & Find will have fun with that. Also, 10% of the profit is being donated to Planet Aid, so you not only get a great book, but you’re making a small donation to a good cause!

About the Author

Jodi Dee is a multi-award winning Author, regular columnist for Bay State Parent Magazine, and an avid blogger. She is a mother of three with more than 20 years’ experience in early childhood and education. Jodi has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology & History and a Master’s in Education from Clark University. She is a passionate advocate and teacher of emotional maturity, early childhood education, and empowering children to learn through creativity, autonomy, self-exploration, and discovery.
Jodi grew up in a rich learning environment with an Early Childhood Center/Preschool attached to her home, which her mother ran for over thirty years. Jodi spent her first eighteen years participating in, helping, facilitating, and supporting the Center.
Jodi’s immersion in this field sparked her passion for early childhood education, Emotional Intelligence, maturity, and self-awareness. After reading three children books for almost a decade, Jodi felt frustrated there were so few children’s books that dealt with real life experiences, especially navigating feelings and social development. This frustration let to Jodi writing children’s books.

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