Book Review: Return to Atalan by Richard Brewin

It’s been almost a year since Isla found herself in the magical land of Atalan. Now she must return there, after a wizard called Steve mysteriously appears at her house and asks for Isla’s help. On their arrival in Atalan, they discover that an evil wizard is trying to take over the land with the help of the goblins, by using a spell that puts everyone under his command. Isla sets out to put a stop to this fiendish plot along with the help of some new found friends, Benji the elf and Sophie the bushwhacker. Can Isla help save Atalan and once again return safely to her family?


My Review

Return to Atalan is a fantasy for children that has all of the elements of an exciting and adventurous fantasy. It is fast paced, so children won’t get bored, and the humor is the type that children will definitely enjoy. It will also encourage them to use their imaginations when reading about Atalan.

This is the second book of Atalan, and I expected Isla to meet up with Fartybubble and Oliver, the other main characters in the first book. Although she does see them for a short time, she is mostly with other, new characters who are just as unique and interesting as Fartybubble and Oliver.

It’s great how it often looks like all is lost, and suddenly something happens to give Isla and her friends hope. Isla is often the reason for this. She has good instincts and an impressive imagination. However, she wouldn’t get far without her friends and their abilities. Teamwork is definitely something children can learn from these stories. More than that, though, it’s a fun read for anyone of any age.

Some of the names of the characters are so funny! Children will love the names of the Unkerdunkies (as well as just the name Unkerdunkies). How could you not laugh at the name Fartybubble or Thunderbum?

I definitely recommend this adventure/fantasy that is a stand alone, but would be that much better if you read Atalan Adventures first.

About the Author

Richard Brewin has spent most of his working life within the health and fitness industry. He also has a passion for writing and after years of toying with the idea of writing a book, he has now completed his first children’s fantasy fiction. Inspired by and written for his children, Richard decided to get it published after receiving tremendous feedback from those that read it. Children’s fiction is the genre he enjoys the most and hopes to publish many more titles in the future.