Audiobook Review: Daisy McDare and the Deadly Political Affair by K.M. Morgan

It is election season in Cozy Creek and the race for mayor has really heated up.

So when the front-runner, Adam Mitchell, is murdered a week before the big vote, his political rival becomes an obvious suspect.

But Daisy McDare believes this case isn’t as clear cut as it appears to be.

There are a number of other people in town who wanted Adam dead, and Daisy isn’t going to stop until she discovers who was really behind the murder.


My Review

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free audio copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Daisy McDare & the Deadly Political Affair is a novella in the Daisy McDare cozy mystery series. I’m listening to them in order which isn’t necessary, but it does make the stories flow well.

When one of the candidates for mayor is murdered, Daisy is once again curious and starts asking Lt. Crumple questions about the case. Since things worked out so well last time when they worked together, Lt. Crumple invites her to help out with the case…he knows she’ll just do it on her own anyway.

Daisy and Crumple solve the case quickly. They are able to narrow down the suspects easily. Once again, I thought Crumple would have taken more control over the interviews rather than Daisy asking many of the questions and getting a confession. It is unrealistic, and I can’t see him taking the back seat like that.

The narrator, Donna Soto, did well with pace and timing. Distinguishing between the characters, though, was a problem and the men sounded like Granny Annie.

I recommend Daisy McDare & the Deadly Political Affair to anyone who likes cozy mysteries and super quick reads. I think I would prefer to read these though rather than listen to them.

About the Author

K.M. Morgan loves baking, crafts, cute cat videos, and reading mysteries.

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