Book Review: The Only Book a Kid Needs to Read About Coronavirus Ever by Dr. SG Jack

The crazy coronavirus has been causing chaos around the world! It’s changed everything and created so much confusion. Want to know more than your teachers, parents or even the President about coronavirus? Let’s uncover all the important truths, without skimping on the revolting details, that Disgusting Doctors love!


About the Disgusting Doctors series: This is hopefully the first book of many in the Disgusting Doctors series. The next book is titled “Ten Terrible Ideas Doctors Used to Think Were Wonderful”. The underlying ethos behind Disgusting Doctors is to ignite a curiosity about health and the human body at a young age. We believe with an early understanding of health we can reduce the burden of illness in later life. We feel this is a more effective way to practice medicine, focusing on prevention as opposed to cure. The plan is to have a range of books tackling all aspects of health, mind and body.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

If children have questions about Covid 19, this is the book to get. It explains everything in detail that children can understand, with a bit of humor here and there. A good example (and my favorite) is how the importance of facemasks is explained:

Kids will love the analogy and it makes the necessity of wearing masks super simple!

Along with learning about the coronavirus, Covid 19, stopping the spread of the virus, and treatments, every once in a while there is additional information under the titles “Did You Know,” “Extra Facts for Brainiacs,” and “Leadership.” One of the things that I found interesting under a “Did You Know” was that TV shows that are set in hospitals had a lot of masks and gowns used as stage props. The donated these to local hospitals during the pandemic. How great is that?!

If you have a child who is wanting answers to questions about the pandemic, this is a good book to get. It’s also a good read for adults because it’s based on fact, and we all know that we don’t know what we can believe on the internet.

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